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Mermaid Toddler Raincoat

Raincoats seem to be the new dungarees in the sewing world. Have you seen all the amazing versions of the Kelly AnorakPapercut WaverPauline Alice SerraTATB Eden for ladies? All of these have got my creative juices flowing, and the selfless mummy that I am finally decided to make a toddler raincoat for my little girl.

There are so many good pattern options for raincoats out there for babies and toddlers these days. Since I have been rather smitten with my last version of the Ikatee Grand’ourse, I decided to try the longer version of this coat again in a waterproof fabric. Very reluctantly, though, I omitted the ears. I know, I know! Those ears! How could I deny my little girl of those bunny ears this time? I really wanted to maximise the waterproof qualities of this raincoat, so practicalities won. I promise that the next version I make will have ears again. 

Isn’t this sweet? I love, love, love the Quirky Fabric – look at these mermaids! It’s a PVC coated cotton fabric, and is exactly what the name suggests - a woven cotton fabric with a PVC/vinyl layer laminated to it. It’s what some would probably call “oilcloth”.

This is my first time working with coated cotton, and I must admit that it wasn’t as hard as I feared. Here are a few tips that I picked up on working with coated cotton before starting the project:

  1. Invest in a Teflon foot
  2. Use a new, sharp needle. I went with a 90/14 universal and it worked just fine
  3. Increase stitch length
  4. Press on the wrong side only with a warm (not hot) iron
  5. Use clips rather than pins
  6. Sew carefully, and avoid unpicking where possible (this should be a general rule for sewing anyway, but even more essential when it comes to sewing with fabrics that will "puncture" permanently)

I used a cotton jersey from my stash, which I got from Minerva in the sale a couple of years ago. I debated over this for quite some time: on the one hand, I wanted something nice and soft on the inside for the baby, but on the other, I worried about sewing quite a stretchy lining to a “stiff” fabric with no stretch whatsoever, and wondered if a woven cotton would’ve been better. I ended up going with the jersey, and sewed some of the seams (when attaching the hood, and attaching the lining to the jacket) with a walking foot slowly, and am glad I went with the comfier option.

Here's a close-up of those amazing mermaids:

Instead of buttons, I opted to use plastic Prym Snaps as fasteners, and went with 3 rather than 6 this time. They gave me a bit of a headache – originally I had planned on using the star shaped ones, but having tested them on some scrap, the sharpness of the stars ended up splitting the coated cotton, so I decided to go for the safer, round options on both sides. 

I even remembered to add a size label this time when sewing the lining to the outer fabric. I made this in 12-18 months, in the hope that it will fit Freya in the cooler, wetter months. It's such a simple addition, but I love how effective it is. Want to add your own? Follow my tutorial here
And there you have it, a quirky little raincoat for my little lady. It's a little big (and hot) on her right now, but I cannot wait to see her in this. The bright, funky print is sure to cheer anyone up on a rainy day! 
Until next time, Alice from Queen of Darts

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