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Mini Iron Review

Hello Minerva Crafters, this time I'm reviewing one cool gadget, from time to time I've seen on blogs people using mini irons which were literally a mini version of the conventional iron but I had not seen before a Mini Iron of this kind. I'm talking about the Habico mini iron that features a small triangular shaped base, it has an option for low or high heat and a little stand.

I was so excited to receive this smart tool, it came in a minimal package with a clear plastic cover having all the parts visible, so you immediately know what you're getting. In the back of the package, you'll find the instructions, cautions and maintenance information.

Using the iron is pretty easy, the only downside is that it takes 5 minutes to reach the chosen temperature so you have to be a bit patient at first. There are two temperature options, the first is Low which corresponds to approximately 150 grads and the second one is High corresponding approximately to 230 grads. The handle is very light and being used to the heavy conventional iron it took some time to get used to the light weight of it as it feels as if you're holding a feather. I find the cable to be a bit short, only 105 cm, I think if it was longer it could be much more convenient to use. Lastly, I would like to mention that this iron features interchangeable tips (not included in the package) attached with a screw and that can easily be removed if you want to use a different tip but you have to wait until the iron is cold again to do so.

Now to give it a go and test it I made the Petal pouch by Noodlehead, a favorite pouch pattern that I've used many times in the past, it is a great gift solution and pouches are great for using fabric scraps. This time I made the pouch for myself with the purpose of using it as a knitting project bag for small projects like socks or hats. I used the mini iron throughout the process of making the pouch, it was so convenient and easy to press the seams open, I used the high temperature on this cotton fabric and it gave a really nice and crisp result. I used my press ham while pressing the curved seams from habit but with this mini iron, you don't really need to use the press ham due to the shape and the small size of the tip.

As a conclusion I find the mini iron a great gadget to have, love the experience of using it on small projects where the big surface of the conventional iron is redundant and sometimes not convenient at all. I have not had the opportunity yet but I look forward for any future project made out of wool fabric, I think that the mini iron would be perfect for pressing out the seams on wool as you don't have to be careful of leaving marks on the fabric.

Take care,

Aida @ Ida Aida Sewing

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