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More Fun Practicality!

As some of you may have read in previous posts, I am on a quest. My quest is simultaneously easy, yet seemingly out of reach. I am in the process of building a wardrobe that is practical, easy to maintain (no dry clean only items) but most importantly FUN! I want to WANT to wear my handmade items instead of shoving them to the back of the closet. I really enjoy wearing something that fits me just so and is in colors and prints that I love. Why wouldn’t I?

I think as consumers we tend to settle for what “fits” or what works. When in reality, garments from the shops don’t fit well, or at least as good as they ought to fit. We buy things that will work for this purpose or that purpose, something we can wear to this event or we can get X, Y, or Z done in. For myself, I want clothes in my wardrobe that can (for the most part) work for wherever I go or whatever I am doing. Now obviously I can’t wear jeans to a black tie event and I can’t wear an evening gown to a summer picnic. So, how can you have a wardrobe that can function across the board if this is the case you ask? Well, I don’t attend black tie events, and I don’t live a lifestyle that requires an evening dress, so I can cross those off my list. I do need a few dressier items and versatile pieces that could be worn in an office or church setting. So that is precisely what I focus on, as well as my practical every day items.

The Cotton Jersey Fabric from Minerva was perfect for what I had in mind. I recently made a Bettine dress from Tilly and the Buttons out of a linen fabric and as soon as I put it on I knew I wanted one in jersey. Jersey would make it the perfect run-around dress; errands, grocery shopping, doctor appointments, picking the kids up from school would be a pleasure in the super comfy version of the well loved Bettine. I washed and dried it in cool water and a regular dryer, it is so soft to the touch and great in the heat that has already shown up here in Texas. I had no issue cutting out or pressing my sewing as I went. It is holding up well to the wear it is receiving.

Typically, when I make something in knit that calls for woven fabric I size down. I chose not to with the Bettine. I was after a super comfy dress that I could run around in, walk the dog or chase the ice cream truck down in, so sizing down was not on my radar. I made a straight size 6 and only did a one inch hem, again to facilitate ease of running around in it.

I am thoroughly enjoying wearing this with my converse shoes, sandals or flip flops. If I want to look a little more put together, I can toss on my wedge sandals and a cute necklace. It definitely isn’t a dress I can wear to the opera but nearly everywhere else! I hope you all enjoy my version and I hope you give it a try yourselves.

Sew, Laugh, Repeat



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