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More Than Making it Work

Hi, there!  Rachel Parrish from Parrish The Thought, here! I’m really excited to share this project with you, and share the story behind it. First things first. I’m a VERY beginning sewist. Way back in 2009 I was inspired by Project Runway to get sewing, bought everything I needed, took a class, then moved to a place that had absolutely no room for any of it, and my sewing machine sat in its roll-y case for 10 years. Now that I not only have space, I have also had an awesome community, I’ve been able to get back to sewing. So, if you’re reading this blog thinking that you have to be an experienced sewist (a word I didn’t even know existed until a few months ago) to make your own garments, take it from me; that’s not the case everyone starts somewhere.

You can see with this kind of fabric, there’s little to no drape, making it really shapeless. Nothing a little belt can’t fix. I may even make a matching belt and scrunchy with the scraps leftover. Probably won’t wear them together though. I chose a light natural wood button with navy blue thread. It was kind of a difficult choice, with so many colors to choose from. I feel like a burnt orange would have been cute too.

This pattern is the Peppermint Magazine Button Up Dress. It is a free pdf download on their website, so you can just print it out at home! The fabric I used for this dress is from the Orient Express Collection, and it’s a Cotton Quilting Fabric. I love this color scheme, because it fits in with my existing capsule wardrobe, and has a great 70’s vintage vibe. The other part I love about the print and color scheme is that I can wear it all year long. In the summer by itself, or in the fall with tights and a button down underneath. If I’d made this in more flowy material, there’s a chance the layering wouldn’t be quite so easy. Also, I feel like it might be something Jess from New girl, or Sgt Matilde Stone from Queens of Mystery might wear. Both gals’ style I love.

Here’s the dress with a button down underneath. The collared top underneath gives the dress an entirely different look. I’m committed to getting the most wear out of every article of clothing in my closet, which means I don’t have very much in there, and almost everything matches. This dress is super versatile with my closet, specifically because of the fabric, and I can keep it out literally all year (something else I think about when making/buying something new).

If you’re brand new to sewing like I am, I recommend using a quilting cotton like this one because it’s so easy to sew with. I’m new to princess seams, so it was helpful to have an easy fabric to learn how to make them.  This fabric also has a very obvious right and wrong side, which makes following directions really easy. The pattern directions themselves were a little difficult for me, but I really wanted to bring this dress with me on vacation (my goal is to bring mostly handmade garments). The house we’re staying in has a bush with yellow flowers that I was determined to stand in front of, and make my husband take a picture! I’m so glad I powered through and I didn’t just “make it work” I figured it out and did it right. So now, my photo-op is possible!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel @parrishthethoughtblog

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