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Morgan Crepe Stretch Jersey Fabric Review by Georgia

Hello everyone! I'm Georgia, from @acornkiss, and I'm back on the Minerva Crafts Blog, this time with a product review. I'm always excited when I receive a product testing email by Minerva Crafts, but I've never had the courage to try one before. When I saw the beautiful red colour of the morgan crepe stretch Jersey Fabric, I just couldn't resist. Plus, I had a Heather dress pattern, by Sew Over It London on side that I hadn't tried just yet. Those two seemed so great together and I was already picturing the dress in my mind.
When the parcel with the fabric arrived, I was with my mom. We opened it and were so happy to realise that the colour was even better than in the photo. It was "real red" as I like to call this shade. Next thing, we felt it and it was so soft and friendly on the skin. I saw how my mom was loving the fabric and due to the fact that she had her birthday in a few days, I decided to make the Heather dress for her and practice some selfless sewing.
First things first, I washed the fabric at 40°C with mixed colours and an old white T-shirt to check if there would be any colour transfer. I was so pleased to discover that there wasn't any, because I don't like to separate laundry by colour. Drying out, the fabric kept its beautiful structure and it's soft texture. I was extremely happy to see that it didn't wrinkle!
My next move was to cut out my pattern pieces. That was a bit tricky for me, because I haven't been sewing with stretch fabrics a lot and I am not a confident cutter in general.  However I managed to mark the pattern pieces on the fabric with simple tailor's chalk and cut them out with my fabric scissors with great accuracy. I marked the wrong sides of the fabric on all my pieces to avoid any mistakes during sewing.
Then the fun part began! The fabric was flowing smoothly under the feed dogs. I was trying not to pull while feeding and I set my machine on slow speed.
The pattern suggested to sew with zig-zag stitch, adjusting it at 1.5mm length and 1.0mm width. I think that these adjustments worked in harmony with the fabric and made it easier to control it. Also, the use of many pins helped a lot!
During the photo shooting, I was able to fully appreciate the qualities of the fabric. It's thickness provided warmth and it's drape comfort. Additionally, it stretches nicely and it keeps its shape!
When I tried on the dress I was confronted with an ethical dilemma :D. I really, really wanted to keep this one for my self. But fortunately, the better person inside me stepped up and  gave it as a gift to my mother, following the original plan.
When I gave the dress to my mother and she saw the fabric, she said: "Is this the one...!!!??!" The smile on her face was a gift back to me.
I'm so happy that Minerva Crafts gave me the opportunity to sew with this Fabric. Now I definitely have to make a dress with it for myself!
Thanks for reading.
Until next time,
Georgia @ Acornkiss

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