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My Dusky Rose Robe

I love being comfy! BUT my indoor clothes wardrobe has been feeling a bit sorry for itself lately, because let's face it, my indoor clothes are made for comfort and not style, they never get any love or appreciation. They are just destined for a life of getting tea and biscuit crumbs spilt on them (if they are lucky enough to be worn regularly).

But I've decided to change this and show my indoor wardrobe a little bit of love. I felt that it was about time I traded in my favourite old cosy (slightly faded and holey) robe that I have had forever for a new upgraded me-made edition and make my indoor wardrobe have the same appreciation as my snazzy me-made outdoor wardrobe.

I got to work finding the perfect fabric, which was not an easy task. Choosing dressing gown fabric can be hard to choose because you can’t feel the texture or how soft it is. However, the Minerva's descriptions and videos are so helpful when trying to choose fabric. 

I went for this gorgeous dusky rose striped Terry Towelling Fabric which I thought would be perfect for throwing on just after a bath to absorb all of the moisture. I also thought that the white and dusky rose stripe was so on trend right now and would match my house perfectly.

To draft my dressing gown, I used this lovely pattern from Gather Kits. I have never used one of their patterns before but I found their kits through a little bit of instagram research. I have to say that it was one of the most well presented patterns I have ever bought. It comes in a lovely cardboard packet with a little tie at the back. It is very sweet.

The fabric is absolutely amazing to sew with. I was worried that it might fray being toweling fabric but it was really sturdy and very easy to sew with. Thankfully I didn't have to un-pick the fabric because I am not sure how simple that would have been to maneuver.

This project was whipped up on a lazy Sunday morning and by Sunday evening I was curled up, reading a book and wearing it. Not only is this perfect for a cosy night in, it is perfect for a pre-glam night out with the girls and a glass of prosecco. You could even make matching ones for your girl squad...or dog! (haha)

I am not sure what else you could use Terry Towelling for. I do have some scraps left over and was thinking about making face cloths for the bathroom to match.

I would love to see what you make with this fabric, make sure you tag me on instagram @SewingForTheSoul_


Rose from Sewing For The Soul


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