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My Favourite Maxi Dress

Hi there I’m Kathleen. I’ve been sewing for a few years now. Lately I’ve been trying to be more thoughtful with my makes. This Kielo Wrap Dress really works well with my existing wardrobe. This is my third kielo wrap dress. I’ve almost worn my first one to death, I love it so much. Nearly every time I wear a kielo wrap dress I’m complimented on it, not just for the fabric but the style. I can definitely see myself wearing this one almost to death too.
I am obsessed with this colour. I’ve been searching for his tone of green for ages. The purple accents on the flowers really works well with this green. Minerva have a beautiful selection of slinky jersey fabrics but of course this one caught my eye.
This Fabric is very slinky as the name would suggest. It could possibly be made into a swimsuit, but I knew I wanted to make this into a dress.
It’s a lightweight fabric, but doesn’t need lining. It has a great drape to it. However being slinky it can cling a little. Because of the way the kielo wrap dress drapes it hugs all the right places. I would bear this in mind when choosing a pattern to pair with this fabric, as certain styles may not look so flattering.
Being a jersey I would recommend using a walking foot on your sewing machine, to prevent stretching, although I understand that is not possible for everyone. I used an overlocker to finish the edges on mine, but you definitely don’t have to.
I’d say an adventurous beginner could easily make this dress. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. There’s also not that many steps to make this dress either, so it’s a nice quick easy sew.
Unfortunately this pattern doesn’t go up to my size. I added 1 ½” to the wing and graded that back in. I also added 3” to the tie by shifting the pattern piece forward at the fold, so that actually means I added a total of 6” to each tie. This may feel like a lot, but in order to tie a nice bow I felt I needed that much extra.
I made a big mistake when cutting out my fabric. The top of the front pattern piece was folded under. This meant the front of my dress didn’t have any shoulders. I didn’t have enough fabric to recut the front again. So instead I used the scraps to cut the top part of the pattern I was missing adding on a seam allowance. The flowers do not match, but I think it looks ok, the print is busy and the style of the dress draws attention down to the waist. This does go to show though that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been sewing for or how careful you are you can make a silly mistake. Making a mistake is not the end of the world, It’s just fabric and most of the time mistakes can be fixed. 
My dress is now more individual and personally I think still looks great and will most definitely be worn a lot.
I absolutely love the back slit detail, obviously it makes it easier to walk, but it’s also such a beautiful detail. 
The style of this dress is so simple yet innovative. I’ve never seen a dress like this in the shops. What is better is it being a wrap dress you can simply tie it as tight or a loose as you like, not a lot of fitting involved. 
I feel maxi dresses are for every season and I wear mine all year round. Named clothing also do a free long sleeve pattern add on for this dress on their website. So you could make it more cold weather friendly.
To finish my dress I used a Kylie and the Machine Label. This makes it so much easier to tell which side is the back. These labels are great, they have brilliant sayings, that are so fun. I can’t resist smiling every time I use one.
Thank you for reading 
Kathleen xx

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