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My Floral Scuba Martha Dress

Hi Minerva Makers!
Today I wanted to show you my stunning Martha dress. I have used the beautiful floral Scuba Fabric from Minerva to make it. I am not used to sewing with scuba, and it's a revelation for me. The fabric is so vibrant, even both my husband and my little girl agreed that it was one of the most beautiful fabrics I ever had! So much so my girl made me promise that I will get some more to make her and her doll a *flower dress* as she calls it! Next time I'll show her before cutting the fabric, lesson learned! 
I needed a pattern for a stable, medium weight knit fabric, so I set my heart on the Martha Dress by Tilly And The Buttons. I thought it was perfect to show off the gorgeous print! The navy blue is so vibrant, yet very elegant, with the gorgeous floral print, it's bound to turn some heads! 
Now you see why I chose this fabric! The dress is so feminine, so intense, and is full of positive energy and makes me feel so confident wearing it! And scuba is such a pleasure to work with. It's probably the best choice for anyone who decides to take knit fabric on for the first time! Just use a ballpoint needle, I chose a size 90, and a zigzag stitch, you're good to go and sew scuba fabric!
Knit fabric doesn't fray, so you don't even need to finish the seams! I chose to pink my seams, but you don't even have to if you don't fancy it! Of course, if you're lucky enough to own an overlocker, feel free to use it, it will work a treat with scuba! This fabric is so easy to work with, you're assured to get the nicest look even if you're new to it. Just make sure you give your make a good press (if you're not sure, press the seams open, it always works!) as you sew, and you will get a very professional look, guaranteed!
I used a self-covered button to make mine. I think it gives your garment a more personal touch! Of course there are plenty of lovely buttons out there, but I thought keeping the fabric will give it a very harmonious feeling. You can all tell why this was absolutely spot on!
The princess seams give a very flattering fit and the circle skirt gives the dress a very elegant look. The fabric is perfect to wear at the office or for a more casual look. I love how the fabric feels and hangs, it's so comfy and easy to wear! Plus scuba is SO easy to wash and care for. It doesn't need much ironing either! Absolutely perfect when you're a busy mum. I didn't know much about scuba fabric, but it now is on my favourites list! I can't wait to get more scuba, it was such a pleasure to sew and is so nice to wear! I'm sure some leggings would be absolutely awesome! Watch this space :)
Thanks for reading,
Claire @ Sew Easy Peasy

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