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My Image Scuba Jacket

Hi all,

Welcome to my very first blog on Minerva. My name is Lilian and last summer I decided I wanted to share my makings with more people than just my family, co-workers and friends. So I applied to be in the fabulous Minerva Maker team.

Just a small introduction; Four years ago I started sewing classes, looking for a hobby to escape from work and wiping noses at home. That turned out to be a wise decision, since then I am hooked. And I spend most of my free time sewing, buying fabrics or making sewing plans.

For my first blog I wanted to make something special, off course, something that makes me shine :). Normally I am a bit modest or reserved with what I wear. So I was really happy when I found this Scuba Fabric with golden dots. Black feels safe, but the golden details gives it the spark I was looking for. I was impressed with the quality and fine touch of the fabric. That should become a fantastic piece of clothing.

I decided I would make a jacket out of it. I regularly wear casual jackets and had never made one before, so a perfect challenge. I picked a pattern from My Image (Michelle /S1030) what seemed to be a simple but neat jacket. I have added lining. First because I would not have to finish off all the seams inside, but more important because I found a fantastic golden stretch lining. The two fabrics match perfectly, not only by color, but they also both have a nice stretch.

First part of the pattern was pretty simple, in just a few hours there was something there, what looked like a jacket. I hesitated to do the side pockets. This project would be a lot easier and quicker if I skipped the pockets. But hey; I wanted a challenge right?! And hey, I wanted to shine right?! So in an evening I put in the two pockets with the golden lining. To make these pockets you have to cut into the jacket. A moment that always scares me; cutting into a project what is partly done. But it all worked out to be two nice side pockets.

After making the complete lining, I had to start the hardest part of this project; the lapel collar. I never made one before, and the description seemed abracadabra. Reading descriptions always puzzle me. Luckily I had another magazine with pictures in the instructions, that's more my style ;). There was a moment I was scared that I had picked up a project that was bigger than I could take. But with some more patience I got there. It didn’t completely work out the way it should. But for a first lapel collar I shouldn’t complain.

In conclusion; I am proud of this result. Nope it’s not like a pro, but the fit is nice, and the fabrics work really well.

I especially like wearing the sleeves rolled, so all can see the surprise of the golden lining. After this project I will pick up an easy to make project :). But after that I will hope to see you all again on my second blog. Or you can check my insta off course @handmade_by_LiL

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