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My Minerva Special Occasions Dress

Thank you Minerva for being an avid supporter, I truly appreciate the opportunity you’ve bestowed upon me! Working with this lovely sequin fabric has been the highlight of 2019!

Sequins, sequins and more sequins

Have you ever wondered why a dress would cost a few thousand dollars? There was a time in my life, I asked that same question. Today, I’m telling you certain pieces are truly worth it. However! For us, that sews we can rest in the assurance, that even though a project is challenging we can be successful. Maybe not the first or second time, but it will happen.

When I first received the fabric, so many emotion rushed in – excitement, fear, awe and finally “oh my gosh what am I going to do with this”.

The Fabric

I received a sequin fabric with netting back. This means the sequins were individually sewn to the mesh in a plaid pattern. I am impressed with this fabric, it’s of the highest quality. In all my reading everyone talks about being careful when removing the thread the sequins are attached to, because you don’t want all the sequins to fall off. These sequins seem to be attached with three threads in a chain stitch sort of way. This allowed me more flexibility when removing each sequin and I had better success using the Mini Duck Bill Applique Scissors for this task.

The process & time

My research was very helpful since I had no experience with this sort of fabric. I read one place it would take about 3 weeks just to remove the sequins. Another resource said, make sure to keep a vacuum nearby, be prepared for your entire home to be taken over by little shiny discs, etc. However, it took me 2 1/2 weeks to complete the entire project and I laid down tarpaper under my sewing table and everywhere I anticipated the disc would fly :).

I choose a simple dress because you can’t stitch through the sequins and I wanted to remove them from the seam allowance. Simple means less time messing around removing sequins. I did forget about the darts, I had to remove those as well.

I marked all the seam allowances in two days and it took a few hours to hand baste them. The next step was removing the sequins and that took me 7 days. The sewing process took about 5 days. I had a few roadblocks at the sewing machine. The needle would hit a sequin every now and again and or some spots needed sequins removed. Attaching the zipper was an extra painful task IMO because the sequins kept bumping against the invisible zipper foot.

Confidence Builder

Throughout this project, I kept asking myself why this fabric :). It was mainly out of frustration about removing the sequins, it’s such a tedious job. The driving force was, not allowing myself to be defeated. This is such a beautiful dress, I feel so accomplished as a sewist. Never in a million years, did I ever think, I would have a dress as beautiful as this one! Especially made up in such a delightful and exquisite fabric. I’m pretty sure I can walk on hot coals now LOL, maybe not that. But I do believe now, nothing is out of reach where my sewing machine and I are concerned.

Take the plunge, sew something this Holiday Season in one of those “I can’t sew that fabric” fabric. Trust me you’ll surprise yourself by how satisfied you feel.

Renata @ thetwilightstitcher

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