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My (not so secret) 3 Piece Pyjamas

I have been eyeing the Fifi Pyjamas from Tilly and the Buttons for quite some time and I found the fabric to match at Minerva. It’s a Viscose Challis Fabric in a lovely shade of blue with non-directional printed flowers. A non-directional print was necessary for this make, since the top is cut on the bias but the bottom is cut on straight grain. Viscose challis is a really good fabric choice for “the Fifi” in my opinion; drapey, romantic and airy.

What I didn’t think about when deciding to make this for Minervas guest blog, was that I was going to display a whole lot more of my winter pale body than I´m usually comfortable doing. But here goes!

Since I love the look Tilly and the buttons have on the pattern envelope, with contrasting straps and that cute little bow in the front, I wanted to copy it in my make. I found a small Wine Coloured Bow on the Minerva webpage and a 19 mm Satin Bias Binding Tape in the same colour.

I also wanted a dressing gown to match my Fifi pyjamas. I usually use a 10 year old fleece bath robe, it serves it purpose I suppose, but it’s a very long way from being stylish. I saw myself looking fabulous in a kimono-inspired robe that I could wear both open or closed.

How I made my 3 piece set:

Washing and drying was no problem. The fabric shrank about 3 percent. No colour change afterwards.

The Fifi-set:

I´m usually a UK 12 on top and a UK 14 on the bottom, but for this make I was a UK 16 on the bottom! I’m not sure if it was a little extra holiday weight, or if “Tilly” have another idea about sizing, but since I didn’t want tight fitting pyjamas bottom, I followed the size recommendation when cutting out the pieces for the set.

I followed the manual included in the pattern envelope. I am a big fan of French seams and the pattern actually includes a detailed instruction of how to make them! I found the manual easy to use and the instructions and pictures clear. If you are a beginner, this is a really good pattern choice for you.

I took the short cut and used my already made bow and the satin bias binding tape to finishing the Fifi top. I love the contrasting wine colour.

The dressing gown:

I planned to self-draft the dressing gown using a kimono-inspired jacket I made as a guide, but adding some width and details like a neckband and pockets. I found a helpful tutorial in Swedish sewing wizard AnnaNeahs blog, and used that with some alterations. She has a free pattern in English, and also a tutorial with plenty of pictures if you want to check  it out.

My changes were:

My dressing gown is shorter, I skipped the armband, and I cut my fabric on fold both lengthwise and widthwise. This way I didn’t get a seam on my shoulder (this will only work if your fabric has a non-directional print, otherwise your back will have the print upside down). I took some short cuts and didn’t cut out that round part under the arms. See her pdf-pattern.

Here is a great tip for cutting viscose fabric on the bias;  instead of pinning, use some tape as a guideline, and hitting the center of the tape cutting into the fabric, you easily get a straight line.

I finished all my seams with French seams on the dressing gown too. I took some extra time to make the neckband equally pretty from the inside. The inside of the neckband is folded in, and then stitched from the outside, instead of overlocked on the inside.

I wanted pockets and took my pattern envelope(!) and used that as a guide for cutting my pocket pieces.

Just like AnnaNeah, I wanted two closing opportunities. A classic belt to wrap around my waist, and straps, so I could close the gown but still have a loose silhouette. I used the rest of the bias binding tape for my straps.

And voilà! The set was done!

I love my Fifi-set. My favorite fabric is a flowered viscose. I prefer a natural fiber on my skin while sleeping and this one is a great choice, both soft and breathable. I think it worked perfect with the pattern and I got exactly the look I was going for.

I can highly recommend the pattern. If you'd like to try to tackle thin material, small hems and French seaming, this is the project to start with. Since I will strut around my house all day long in my new 3 piece (not so secret) pyjamas, I really hope you will join me and make this set for yourself. Don’t forget to tag me in your pictures on Instagram if you do, I would love to see your result. Thanks for reading!

Malin from Bygousheh

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