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My Plaid Twist and Tie Top

I couldn’t wait for this Red Plaid Ponte to show up at my house, I wanted to feel the ponte, and then I could really decide what I was going to make.

I was thinking a blazer with black trim, a skirt possibly but then here came #sewtwistsandties all over Instagram and I knew just what I wanted to make with this plaid fabric. Notice the plaid is on the diagonal, quite an interesting design feature. Oh, back to my pattern choice, Butterick 6628, a high neck, front variation (yes with a tie) and just for knits. Perfect fabric and pattern combination, now let the fun begin, cutting and construction.

I did prewash my fabric and it was still just as beautiful after washing as before. I took care in pattern layout and tried my best to match when I could. The diagonal plaid makes it a bit trickier but most areas are pretty good, the top better than the lower, with the smaller second front piece.

One thing that is most important, in my opinion is to find a good center front and center back point. I went with the middle of the plaid, this would be my centers. This was one of the judge’s comments on the first Great British Sewing Bee and that comment was an eye opener for me. I have used that rule ever since.

This ponte was so easy to sew and it handled beautifully. I used a stretch needle in my sewing machine and that is the only change I made. The plaid is so striking and the red a nice vivid red, the eye needed some point to rest on this garment. I used a bit of black knit to bind the neckline, which trims the neckline perfectly.

View A on this pattern has the flowy sleeve, while beautiful isn’t a good option when winter coats are still needed. I went with the sleeve option of View B, just adding elastic at the bottom of the sleeve.

This fabric is amazing, a really perfect ponte with a nice drape and my blouse benefitted from that nice drape. I did reference the pattern envelope to get my tie just right, it is a bit fiddly but a fun detail. One thing I will do after looking at the photos and working on the tie is to stitch down the tie portions of my shirt. Just at the side seams and a bit around the actual tie. I feel this will keep the ties in a bit more order and put some definition in the middle of the top.

It was an unusual winter day here, above normal temperatures but gusty winds, I will take a bit of messy hair just to get outside for fresh air and good photos.

I had some extra fabric after completing my top and made baby leggings, just more red plaid ponte fun.

I really enjoyed these projects and will enjoy wearing my new #sewtwistsandties

Thanks for reading,

Lori @ Girls in the Garden

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Meg An said:

Lovely and thank you for the tip about the centre point and stretch needle. · 17th Mar 2019 10:27am