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New Look 6022 by The Stylish Stitcher


Well the weather has taken a turn up north and it's blooming lovely! We're all looking at summer patterns and floral prints at Minerva HQ and Vicki stumbled across this LOVELY make from Catherine at The Stylish Stitcher

She's made up New Look 6022 and it's her first dress! 

How stunning is this in general?! Let alone for her first ever dress make. She picked a lovely vintage floral poplin. We have since sold out of this exact print but we have some gorgeous alternatives that are very similar.

Poplin is always recommended to new dressmakers like Catherine and I as it's "great to work with" and it really is! It's sturdy enough to give you something to hold onto which won't slip and slide, but light enough to make some really wearable items and is perfect for dresses, blouses, skirts and all sorts! As it's cotton you can get some AWESOME colours, prints, and patterns so you can really find something to suit you. I've been eyeing some up for the By Hand London Sophia Dress that's just arrived!

Catherine discusses a lot of interesting dressmaking pointers throughout her post. Firstly, her use of Dressmaking Paper to trace the pattern as opposed to cutting it out. This is generally a good habit to get into, particularly if you need to go between sizes to help fit the garment (e.g. if your bust is a 12 but your hips 14). Once you've done the alteration on your dressmaking paper, it's there ready for the next time you use it and you know it will fit like the custom piece it is.  It also means you get more bang for your buck with your patterns. Not only does it allow for size and shape changes, but you can share/swap them with your sewing buddies! My mum and I are both dressmakers, so we have a shared pattern stash (usually freebies from magazines) so we trace them so we can both use them. However what also sometimes happens is one of us buys a pattern and the other goes "Oo! Oo!" so out of guilt we trace so the other person can use it, too ;). Now I have to admit, more often than not I just cut the pattern straight. However, I've recently started making children's clothing for my S.O's niece and nephew and as we all know kids grow FAST and I don't want to be buying a fresh pattern every time they have a growth spurt so I now have taken to tracing patterns like the good little sewist we all should be. Catherine uses Burda Tissue Paper which is fantastic as it's the same as pattern paper to you can trace the lines clearly and it folds up nicely and neatly to fit in our already bursting pattern drawers. 

However, I now tend to sway towards the Hemline Paper as it's thicker and more resilient to my rhino like grace. It is a bit more difficult to trace the lines but once you've placed a light background beneath the pattern it's a breeze and easier (for me) to keep safe and tear free!

 Another thing she discusses is making up a muslin. One of our network ladies Maria from How Good Is That alters a lot of her patterns and frequently makes muslins to ensure a good fit. A great tip that Catherine and Maria discuss/do is make 'wearable' muslins. Pick up a cheap fabric that looks nice and do a test run. If it works straight away, Great! You've got yourself a lovely piece to wear and no alterations to make for your main item. If not, you tweak away with no worries as it isn't your main fabric . The only dress muslin I've made was my Elisalex Party Dress. I'd never worked with Taffeta before so I picked up one of our clearance taffeta fabrics and it came out so well I didn't make another! Thrifty and practical, what's not to love?!

The last thing Catherine has done is look to others for inspiration! She mentions our loveable Louise from Sew Sensational as she'd also made New Look 6022. Looking to others is the best way to learn. Here at Minerva HQ we're always discussing hints and tips. As well as sewing, Becki, Lisa and Anne are our resident knitters, Catherine is our jewellery making expert and card maker, I'm the crochet gal, and Vicki and Annette are practically perfect in every way and can do it all (not fair is it?) so even though we all dabble in various crafts we always turn to each other for tips and with this wonderful thing we call the internet, more and more crafters are becoming bloggers or setting up forums so it's easier than ever! A true community, which I love! 

What was really nice to see is Catherine went back to the pattern again and re-made is a few months ago here and it looks fab! This is using another of our poplin fabrics and we do still have some of this left in stock!


We always say it, but we really do love it when you share your makes with us, so post photos to us on Facebook or Twitter and be a show off or comment here on the blog to let us know what your currently working on!

Katie B xo

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