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New Look 6262 Luxury Crepe Dress by Emma

Hi everyone,
It's Emma here of Emma and her Machine. My most recent make is New Look 6262 in this beautiful luxury Crepe Fabric
The colour way for this is a amazingly bright Emerald and it’s such a lovely rich colour. I had my first experience with a green crepe pretty early in my sewing and it wasn’t that I was feeling adventurous, I didn’t even know what the difference was between fabrics! Obviously crepe is not the beginners friend! As a result, it produced a less than satisfying dress which I never wore. I had dreams of it being amazing though so I wanted to replicate that dress.
This pattern is pretty and feminine and allows for a little cap sleeve, which is important to me as I don't like to show my arms. The skirt is quite heavily gathered and I thought the crepe would lend itself well to this.
The pattern is quite simple in construction though there are quite a few darts for shaping and I was glad that the fabric pressed quite well. The sleeves are quite heavily gathered which make for a quite feminine little cap. I was a little worried that the gathers would be a challenge because it is quite a thick crepe and I find thicker fabrics can be trickier to gather, so I sewed a few gathering lines to be sure and it gathered up nicely . The dress requires a invisible zip and this was pretty easy to insert too, I had overlocked my fabric ready so it was pretty simple though I will say this fabric doesn't fray desperately as some crepes do.
A few tips for working with this fabric; use super sharp pins as the fabric is quite substantial but liable to snag. Also, definitely allow the hem to drop, this is something I am guilty of skipping in my urge to finish my garments but with this fabric, it's essential. I had to straighten my hem quite a bit once it had hung but it also makes it easy to press and hem.
So, she's done. I don't sew with plains often but this is so luxurious that it doesn't feel plain. It feels classic and floaty and I love it. What do you think?
Thanks for reading,
Emma @ Emma and her Machine

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