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New Look 6303 Drapey Blouse

I originally envisioned this black and white geometric fabric becoming my favorite drapey blouse, New Look 6303. However when this Lady McElroy Stretch Crepe arrived I realized it was too heavy for that style. Apparently I saw crepe in the name and just assumed it was a light weight fabric, which is totally my fault because it is clearly listed as medium weight. So because I’m stubborn I stuck with my idea of a top despite the fact this is more of a bottom weight.

I love a wrap top, so I started going through my “Pattern-Tops” pinterest board in search of one, but then I remembered seeing a few top versions of the Zadie jumpsuit on Instagram. In the couple of blog posts I found about the Zadie jumpsuit as a top, the sewists shared that they had simply lengthened the bodice piece a few inches. So I grabbed some paper and started tweaking the bodice.

I added 4 inches to both the front and back bodice pieces. I wasn’t sure what to do under the tab of the front bodice, but you can see above I just decided to bring it straight down as well as the front side seam. If you look at the final product I think that worked well. On the back bodice piece I extended the back center straight down 4” and flared the side seam out but kept the 4” mark. On both the front and back I extended the pleat legs 4” and then created a curve using my hip ruler to smooth out the bottom edge.

After that I sewed up the pattern per the instructions, minus sewing the pleats. Initially I added the sleeves, but after trying it on I remembered that I don’t like drop shoulder patterns with long sleeves. For some reason I like a short sleeved drop shoulder pattern, but longer sleeves just make me look frumpy. Thankfully they were easy to remove with the help of my trusty seam ripper.

I’m ecstatic that I am able to get another look out of this pattern! I noticed another sewist who turned this jumpsuit into a dress, so maybe I can max out at three looks.

Do you modify your patterns or sew them exactly as designed? What’s your favorite pattern hack?

Tiffany of TipStitched

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