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New Look 6723 Velvet Christmas Dress


This is my first post for Minerva Crafts and I couldn’t think of a better project theme to start with. Christmas!

If I was asked to associate a fabric with this season, it would have to be velvet. The same way that red, in all its shades, is undoubtedly a Christmas colour. For that reason, I thought that the Cotton Velvet Fabric in colour wine, would be perfect for this project.

The pattern is the New Look 6723, that has two necklines and two sleeve options, making it very versatile. For a more classic party dress I liked option B the most and that is the one I’ve made. The pattern also includes a belt and purse pattern piece to complete the matching outfit, but I opted for not making those as I already had both.

According to my bust measurements, I made a size 8 graded to size 10 at the waist and hip. I must confess that I don’t often make a muslin (I should, I know…), although in this case, I did. Probably it wouldn’t be necessary to grade to size 10 at the waist, but I don’t like to feel my clothes too tight and it will be used during Christmas, with all the delicious meals and sweets… better leave some room.

I did not make any changes to the pattern, although I did to the construction. Instead of using a regular zipper, as per the instructions, I decided against it and used a concealed zipper. I believe the suggested method would look really good on the outside, yet I like a nice inside as well. Also, I hand stitched the lining at the waist, so that the seam wouldn’t be visible. I know it is only the inside and no one but me will see it but, it really gives me pleasure to make and wear a lovely (inside and out) piece of garment.

Even though velvet was not one of the recommended fabrics, I believed it worked very well and I certainly am very pleased with how it turned out. This was my first time working with this kind of fabric and I was a little unsure and afraid of ruining it so, I made some tests with scraps before actually working with it. Turned out there was no reason to be so afraid. The fabric is very stable, easy to work with and even the gathering tuned out beautifully without any issues. I did use however a cloth to iron, if it happened to be the right side of the fabric.

For the lining, I used the Portuguese Cotton Lawn Fabric in colour black and it is so soft! Perfect for lining, or other projects really, as it feels lovely against the skin.

Another thing I did and I don’t do often, was the handstitched hem. Totally worth the effort! I don’t think it would look just as nice if it had been hemmed in the sewing machine.

I would say that the only downside of this project was the extra cleaning my sewing machine needed, but it was so worth it, that it was really a (very) small price to pay.

So, summarising, I am honestly happy with how it turned out. The pattern is perfect for a classic party dress and I particularly like the neckline. Everything worked well and without issues. The fabric despite being a little heavier than recommended worked very well and turned out how I envisioned it. In fact, I believe that having that bit of structure helped to achieve the result I had in mind. Also, the colour is really beautiful.

Many thanks Minerva Crafts for the supplies for this project and to you for reading.

Happy sewing,

Maria @ Fairies, Bubbles & Co.

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