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Nina Lee Mayfair Dress

There’s something about a navy and white polka dot that always makes me think of summer and this year I was determined to get a dotty dress into my holiday wardrobe. I also think that polka prints always look stylish and flattering, so was thrilled when I came upon this spotty slinky Stretch Jersey Fabric. This immediately said wrap dress to me, and I was torn between making the Simplicity Amazing Fit 1653 or Diane Von Furstenberg inspired Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress.

Then the fabric arrived on my doorstep and everything changed.

It really is a slinky little number! As soon as I held it up and could see the gorgeous way that it falls, I decided to rethink my pattern choices in order to find something with pleats or gathers to take advantage of this feature. I still think either of the ideas I originally had would be great too, but was completely taken with this look.

I settled on the Nina Lew Mayfair Dress, which is a recent release. It has three sleeve versions and a midi or maxi skirt length. What mainly attracted me to it was the way the fabric is draped at the front, which would be flattering and well suited to the Spotty Slinky Jersey. I went with the capped sleeves and shorter length skirt options for my summer holiday wardrobe.

The fabric behaved itself pretty well considering how slinky it is! I used a rotary cutter, which went through the fabric very easily. Whilst sewing I didn’t find that the fabric stretched or moved around, which made it quite a quick sew. I used a combination of my regular sewing machine and overlocker for construction; you could make this just as easily and quickly on a regular machine too. The only thing I would have changed was my hemming. I always rush this last part and my machine didn’t catch all of the hem first time. Unpicking didn’t look like a good idea so I hand sewed the bits that didn’t catch so well. Normally I would use Wonder Tape to secure the hem in place on a knit garment and wish I had done this time!

I didn’t need to alter the pattern at all. The nature of the jersey means it fits nicely with little modification; sometimes I have to adjust for wider biceps but the stretch in the fabric means this isn’t an issue. The pattern itself isn’t overly fitted and uses waist ties for the main shaping. I strongly recommend using a loop turner for these ties as they are quite long. Mine saved me a lot of time and effort.

Personally, I think the bodice construction is what makes this pattern so suitable for this fabric. The back of the neck and shoulders are pleated to create beautiful flowing lines, that the Spotty Slinky Stretch Jersey really takes well. The fabric is also lightweight enough to make sure that the gathering at the waist isn’t too bulky. This lightness is also what makes it an ideal dress for my summer holidays!

Thanks for reading,

Laura @ thepetitepassions

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