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Nina Lee Mayfair Dress

When I was offered the opportunity to make a garment using this incredible Lady McElroy Fabric I leapt at the chance. Yes, you’ve guessed it – a large floral on a dark background and I was sold. This fabric particularly stood out to me because of the metallic detail. When it arrived and I gave it its initial launder, I was pleased to see the gold was excellent quality; there was no danger of it diminishing in the wash. As always, I thought I would probably make a dress with this fabric, and having seen a couple of beautiful versions recently I settled on a Nina Lee Mayfair DressI cut out the straight size 12 and didn’t make any modifications. I sewed some of the seams on my overlocker and the majority of the dress on my regular machine. This is a really lovely pattern that I will definitely be making more of, but I do admit to getting myself in a bit of a pickle over the burrito method as a way of finishing the neckline. Once I’d sought reassurance from Nat over at Thread and Bobbins, I followed the steps and it all turned out fine – so much so I wasn’t quite sure why I had been confused by it! I’m intrigued as to whether it will puzzle me anew next time! 

I chose to make the view with the three quarter sleeves, as I thought the fabric was quite wintery or autumnal, and the three quarter length sleeves mean you don’t HAVE to wear a cardigan as it starts to turn cooler. I actually really like how the sleeve length works with the dress. I also think, happily, that the style of the dress combined with the fabric gives a real retro/vintage feel that I like very much. I am surprised by how put together I feel wearing this dress, and again, I’m interested to see how making it in a different fabric with shorter sleeves is likely to lead to an entirely different vibe. 

I was a bit concerned that the neckline may turn out a bit low, particularly because I wear the majority of my makes to work – and I am a primary school teacher. I think it’s ultimately turned out ok, and I know I could always pop a little pin in or wear a camisole underneath for additional modesty. 

Overall I absolutely LOVE this dress! I think it is truly one of my favourite makes to date. I think the pattern has some beautiful and flattering details and I think the fabric is just gorgeous. I think you could happily wear this dress at Christmas, on a warm summer’s evening or with tights boots for a stroll through the woods. The jersey behaved extremely well throughout the sewing process and yet again reinforced my love for all things Lady McElroy. I wanted to try and get photos with the haystacks so drove around Derbyshire with my mum until we found the perfect field. I did attempt to climb on to one of the haystacks but couldn’t quite manage it!

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