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Nordic Inspiration

Hi everyone,  I am Malin – an enthusiastic hobby seamstress from northern Sweden and in the Scandinavian sewing community also known as @cirkus_karlsson. This is my first post on the Minerva Makers Blog and today I’ll be sharing my latest make of a gorgeous Cotton spandex Jersey Fabric as well as some Nordic sewing pattern news, that may very well sweep you off your feet.

For my first monthly make I was delighted to get to be creative with a super cute denim blue Jersey Fabric with playful numbers print. Since my sewing philosophy always has been to create colorful and play-friendly garments to accompany my little girls’ personalities, this fabric suited perfect for the first autumn project of 2019.

Starting off a project I do what I always do: I plan and plan and plan… It may very well be a “work related syndrome” of mine (being a high school teacher), but I just love sketching my planned project, filling out charts with fabric amount and composition and decorating my project sheets before actually cutting my fabrics. For me it’s simply a part of the creative process, which I would never want to miss out. And furthermore, it’s nice saving all of your project sketches and being able to look back at the end of a sewing year and see all of the amazing pieces you have actually made all by yourself!

For this project I wanted to make an autumn set for my 4-year-old – perfect for joyful games at preschool or at home. To be honest, it wasn’t a very easy pick. It’s truly been a spectacular year for us Scandinavian pattern addicts: One amazing pattern book after the other has been released and only the imagination (and maybe my wallet) has been setting the limits. At last I chose two of my favorite sewing patterns from the Norwegian pattern duo Jubel & Baluba: The Happy Days Shirt and the Slækks Pants. These can both be found in the recently released pattern book Jubel & Baluba syr Balubaklær till Jubelbarn (Gyldendahl, 2019).

Both patterns have been favorites of my daughters since I discovered them. The Happy Days Shirt could earlier be found as an ebook (PDF pattern) at the Jubel & Baluba website, but was updated and improved for the book release. The Slækks Pants is a brand new pattern, which can only be found in the Jubel & Baluba pattern book. Now you may all be asking, how you are supposed to make these cute clothes with no Scandinavian language skills? No problem at all! The book contains a large amount of pictures explaining every step of the creative process, which makes it doable even without the slightest Norwegian knowledge. And – please don’t tell my high school students that I ever said this... – but Google Translate can also be of useful help when working with foreign sewing patterns.

Another part of my sewing philosophy has always been to put a lot of time, love and effort on the tiniest details of each garment. Because: The details make the difference and the details make the design!  For the Happy Days Shirt I used dark blue eyelets to match the color of the jersey fabric and fake leather patches as a nice detail matching both at the end of the red strings and behind the eyelets. The beautiful red color of the rib creates a nice contrast to the dark blue at the same time as it picks up the red color of some numbers printed on the jersey fabric. For the Slækks pants I used the jersey fabric as knee patches and created contrasts with red plastic snaps on the fake fly and using a red thread to stitch off fly and knee patches.

 All together creating a well-thought-out unity with nice details and contrasts based on the print and colors of the Minerva jersey fabric. And as you can see, my little pumpkin is just as pleased with the result of this project as me!

Thanks for reading and happy sewing!

Malin @cirkus_karlsson

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Sue Lawson said:

Looks absolutely gorgeous. You??re planning certainly pays off. · 10th Nov 2019 10:34am

Jan Noble said:

A beautiful make, Malin. Great pattern and use of fabric- looks very professional. No wonder your little girl is pleased! · 9th Nov 2019 05:35pm