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Oh So Soft

Suede is such a forgotten fabric and I loved using this Fabric for Minerva. It’s a soft faux suede, very soft.

The colour I chose is very strong. Actually the colour I’ve chosen is a perfect Winter colour, especially for us who look smashing in warm winter colours. Love aubergine and I only have one other aubergine shirt so this was a good colour choice.

This lovely suede is 56cm wide and it has no stretch so I chose a jacket pattern that would be great with this fabric.

Now being suede, there is a nap you have to be aware of when you use it. Burda’s description of nap is:

Nap. On fabrics with a pile, like velvet, velour and corduroy, the hairs are not quite vertical but lie in a particular direction, known as “nap”. You can feel the nap when you lightly run your hand long-ways over the right side of the fabric.”

What you will realise when you use this suede is the fabric colour is lighter when the nap is running toward the hem. If you decide you want a warmer colour, place the fabric so the nap is running toward your shoulders.

You can be really creative and have fun if you were to use a panelled garment and try varying the nap. This can be really interesting and stretch your design ideas to a whole other level you didn’t think would work.

I tried to think about all the uses this fabric could be fun to use as it’s really soft. If you wanted a soft bag style, this suede would be great. All the clothes with drape would be perfect for this particular suede.

There are 18 great colours to choose from and this soft suede is reorderable. That’s perfect if you’re creating a cohesive collection that features suede.

The Jacket – New Look 6013

My choice was to use New Look 6013. This is a super simple semi-fitted jacket. This jacket has a long front collar that comes down to the button closure. The front and back panels have princess seams so I could have reversed the fabric so the dark nap could have been placed on the centre panels and the lighter nap be placed on the side panels. I bet if you had a jacket with a 2-part sleeve, you could create the same effect. These are all great options that you can ponder over as you plan with your suede of choice.

Don’t be put off by this jacket pattern. It’s unlined and the welt pockets are only the welts themselves. There are no pockets to fuss over.

The beauty of this jacket as it’s unlined is, it was super fast to sew.

Suede needs no seam finishes. Maybe it would be good to cut each piece in a super perfect straight line so it looks so refined on the inside. As I said, no seam finishes are needed. It is super fast to sew.

Check your seams as you sew

You will find the suede side does grab onto any textured surface. You’ll need to check your seams as you sew them to make double sure other suede surfaces haven’t grabbed onto your fabric edges. They’re really sneaky. I had to unpick a few seams that I sewed at the start so learn from my experiences please :)

Suede hides stitching lines

The other beauty with this fabric, especially with this colour is you can use black thread to sew the seams. Suede hides threads so if you can’t find that matching thread, use a dark colour thread that will hide nicely.

Are you convinced to use faux suede for your next project yet? It’s just an idea I’m putting out there for you to consider.

Enjoy working with this suede. I did.

Maria @ velosews

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