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One Day – Two Makes

Hi guys!

One Saturday morning, while I was sitting at my computer in my Grumpy the Dwarf pyjamas, it suddenly occurred to me that, at almost 50 years of age, with two nearly teenage (and very easily embarrassed) children, I should probably change my lounge-wear style. This Diablo Jersey Fabric struck me as a good choice. The fabric is smooth, slinky and drapes extremely well. Nelly the Elephant (seen in the picture below) agreed with me wholeheartedly. She was especially taken with the colour – she thought it matched her ears.

Nelly was not, however, impressed by my idea. She thought it was a waste of good fabric, which could have been used much more attractively for a small elephant toga.

There are three easy ways to make pyjamas:

1) any standard pyjama pattern, such as this Simplicity Pattern

2) Home-made pattern (as precision is not really important, you just measure your hips, thighs, crotch length and in-seam and make approximately this shape:


3) Use a well-fitting pyjama set as a pattern.

I chose option 3, as the easiest. My Grumpy the Dwarf pyjamas served admirably. After an hour of cutting and two hours of sewing (zigzag stitch only, as the fabric is very stretchy) I ended up with a comfy set of reasonably adult-looking pyjamas completely devoid of Disney characters.

Nelly still thought it was a waste of good fabric, but I was quite happy. And, of course, I can now tease Nelly by simply turning out my pockets.

After I finished my pyjamas, there was a little bit of fabric left, so I decided to make a top for my daughter. See, Nelly is not the only one who gets attention in my family! I had an old top made nearly transparent by wear and washing. I cut off the sleeves and collar as one piece and the bottom hem as another to be re-used. I made a pattern out of the remaining bits (front and back) and cut out the now missing pieces, as shown below:

Nelly couldn’t believe I just cut a perfectly good piece of fabric and a nice top to bits!

Afterwards, all I needed to do is pin the new bits in with the help of Pinny the Caterpinner (a.k.a. my daughter’s old sock), making sure I started pinning in the middle (otherwise it wouldn’t line up right).

and stitched the new pieces on top of the existing neck and sleeves, hemming them with the existing hem (zigzag stitch throughout – very important!)

The top was finished in an hour. Both Nelly and Alice (my daughter) liked it, but it ended up in my daughter’s wardrobe – nepotism wins every time!

Just to reassure you, Nelly forgave me – and here is the photographic evidence. Until next time!

Thanks for reading,

Anastasya @ Scarlet Line

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