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Orchid Midi Dress


Summer sewing is in full swing around here and floaty dresses certainly are perfect for lovely warm days, aren’t they?

This time, I made the Orchid Midi Dress, pattern by Chalk and Notch using a wonderful floral print Viscose Challis Fabric.

I’ve had this pattern for a while and as soon as I saw the fabric, I thought it would be a good match. I usually tend towards smaller flower prints but for this dress, this print seemed just right and I am genuinely pleased with how it looks, regarding both the print and colours.

Because I’ve made a few patterns from this designer and it is not a fitted dress I skipped making a muslin and made a straight size 0. I made view A bodice without changes but changed the skirt a little. To start with, I omitted the front slit by cutting the front part on the fold, after eliminating the seam allowance in the pattern piece.

The second change was reducing the length by 22 cms. The thing is, I thought a knee length skirt would suit me better than the (as the name mentions) midi length, as I am not tall. The pattern piece has two shorten/lengthen lines that I used for this purpose and after altering I redrew the side seams.

The last adjustment to the skirt was eliminating the pockets. In order to do that and since they were front-hip pockets, I just used the pocket facing pattern piece.

This pattern requires light to medium weight woven, with good drape and this fabric worked wonderfully. The drape is lovely and even with the sleeves lining, still drapes beautifully. I liked the drape so much that I even filmed it in slow motion and shared in my Instagram Stories. Also, it is so soft against the skin.

Working with this fabric for this project was not hard, although, of course that due to the fabric nature it is a bit slippery but that is also the characteristic that makes it drape so beautifully… so my advice to work with this fabric would be don’t be afraid to use pins while working with it, actually use a lot of pins and don’t worry because the end result is so worth it! On a positive note it presses really well and we all know how important that is for a pretty finishing.

Summarizing, working with this fabric might require some skill (nothing that a few extra pins won’t solve fear not) but it’s not particularly hard to work with and the end result is so gratifying. Having a white background, I confess I thought a slip underwear dress would be needed while wearing the dress but despite being light weight that was not the case after all.

In this particular project I adore the bodice and how the fabric worked so well with the gathers and ruffle sleeves.

Many thanks Minerva for the gorgeous fabric for this project and to you for reading.

Happy sewing,

Maria x

A Pinch of Sewing


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