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Perfect Loungewear For A Little Girl

Hi, it’s Amanda from Deriving Mommyhood here to share a project that I got a lot of help with!

My daughter is a little fashionista and quite opinionated on what she wears, and does not like cutesy things at all. It’s okay, she has a little sister for me to cover in sparkly unicorns...but when I saw this scrabble print Jersey Fabric, I knew she would love it.

This girl maxes out her library card every week and can easily beat her father and older brother in Scrabble. Spelling is her jam. She reads non.stop. Her brothers will be off playing in dirt or legos and she happily is curled up with a book most Saturdays.

I love sweet, girly looks and worry so much young girl fashion is too grown up for my tastes...can’t they just stay little? So this ochre Polka Dots Jersey Fabric is perfect to keep them young and innocent in my opinion. They work perfectly with the scrabble to keep it fun and girly. Not matchy-matchy, but complimentary.

And when she saw that it has city names on it? Including Paris, her current favorite? Sold. So I let her help choose what we would create, because not only is she picky about prints, she is beyond picky on designs. I pictured a raglan tee mixing the prints, but she had her own ideas and wanted to be able to mix and match with other things in her closet, so she chose a raglan tunic (Aurora Raglan from Sofiona Designs) for the dots. She asked that I add a band on the bottom to make it easier to do cartwheels.

For the scrabble print, she wanted leggings. The RockyShore tights, also from Sofiona Designs fit her like a glove. I did the yoga waistband in some thicker cotton lycra. There are a few other options in the tights pattern as well to make some unique tights, worth a look for sure! Sofiona Designs is a fairly new PDF pattern company out of Canada and I really love their unique take on clothing for girls.

Both of these fabrics are soft and drape beautifully, and are on the lighter side so perfect for kids clothing I think. They would work well with something like a gathered skirt because they are light (definitely not tissue weight) but so many cotton lycras can be a little stiff. I was immediately jealous of how comfy and casual she looked, and she immediately wore to a board game date with friends.

Like all cotton lycra jerseys, they do tend to curl on the edges a bit after they were prewashed. I would maybe order a little extra if that’s an issue but it really only gets more difficult and fiddly for me when doing neckbands or similar. For these, I’d calculate those bands a little more generously than some thicker cotton lycras or ribbings.

Perfect loungewear for a little girl to binge read some books or play some games with friends!! I wonder if I could pull it off as well as her?

Amanda @derivingmommyhood

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Sewanew said:

Your daughter looks lovely in her outfit and shows it well with attitude · 16th May 2019 11:15pm