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Pillows to make Christmas Merry

For several years I've been thinking about making some extra Christmassy pillows to throw on my couch. Then I also thought about making a quilt to go with them. And finally, this year, when I got my gorgeous Christmas fabrics from Minerva, I made those! Three beautiful and merry pillows to decorate my home for the holidays and to cuddle while watching something good from the TV. Like Home Alone or Grinch for example.

First I searched out three pillows that no one was using for sleeping, measured each and then started to play with my scraps from the quilt. I had quite a lot of 12 x 12 cm squares and 7 x 7 cm squares left. I also had some white pattern on white fabric and white felt that I wanted to use. All three pillows are quilted to the batting and the inside layer on the front and the back of the pillow is just a single layer of fabric like pillow cases are. There are no raw edges outside or inside and as these work like the pillow cases I can wash them after use.

For the first pillow knew I wanted the squares in the background and white stripe to mimick the snow. I mixed all the different fabrics and these work so good together! I especially love the red and green fabric with silver metallic effect on it. It doesn't come out so well on the photos but in real life it catches your eye instantly. The white snowy fir tree is made from the felt and appliqued on. I quilted the front with wavy pattern - these quilt lines are like snow piles.

The second pillow was a square one and I sewed one of my favourite patcwork block in the middle of it. This is a lucky star and has several meanings but here in Estonia it's on every kind of pattern from the knitted socks to jewellery. So now I have one lucky Christmas star on my couch.

As I had enough squares left I made the third pillow from these too. I added the ornament baubles print fabric and it gives a bit different feeling. This is my older son's favourite pillow as it has a pocket on the front. It looks like a gift box and my boy hopes that the good little fellows (gnomes or elves, we say päkapikud in Estonian) are going to bring some candy or books in it. I'll surprise him once or twice before Christmas I think.


Overall I really love the feeling these fabrics carry with them. I petted these before sewing and during the sewing. The printed patterns are gorgeous and these are great for the patchwork as these are made of cotton (or mostly cotton). I kept all the small pieces to make the tiny scrap Christmas trees too. Nothing to waste!

These three pillows go really well with my table topper and Christmas ornaments I showed you the last time and it's a perfect match with my quilt I'll show you the next time!

For all the pillows above I used these fabrics in different colors:

Christmas Polycotton Fabric

Woven Cotton Fabric

Woven Cotton Fabric

Snowflake Cotton Fabric

Christmas Baubles Print Polycotton Fabric

I can't wait for Christmas! 

Kadri @kadri_kivistik

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