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Pink Velvet Joni Dress

I know I am a little late to the party, but when I saw that there was pink Stretch Velvet Fabric, I just knew I had to make the Joni dress from Tilly and the Buttons book, Stretch.

I know I made something from that book for my first review, but hey, it’s an awesome book when you are first starting out, and I am not an experienced seamstress.

When this fabric arrived and I opened the package, I was blown away by the intensity and brightness of the pink. This cerise pink is an awesome colour and I could not wait to get started.

This fabric is super soft, if stroked the right way of course, and it drapes really well. I don’t recommend it to extreme beginners, but for intermediates it is really nice fabric. It was a real learning curve for me to work with, there are things with this fabric that if done again, I will definitely do differently next time round.

As usual, I pre-washed the fabric at 30 degrees, however Minerva recommends to wash 40 decrees and allow for any shrinkage. But like I always say, if you are unsure what temperature to use, either do a cool wash or do a test wash on a sample piece. I also put it in the tumble dryer on low heat, like I do with all my fabrics.

This fabric is very drapey, and very slippery to use. Because of its pile, the stretch velvet needs to be cut with a nap layout so when I was laying out the fabric to cut the pattern pieces out, I had to mark with chalk which direction the pile was going as I wanted to make sure I had the “softness” going in the right direction, and I wanted my pieces all going in the same direction.

Pinning and cutting out the pattern was easy enough, but sewing was a bit of a challenge, the fabric wanted to move around on its own accord. I think next time I sew with Velvet, I will be using my Walking Foot on my sewing machine. I did not use my Overlocker this time as I did not have the matching thread or thread as near to my pink and thought that black, white or grey would not work well. If anyone wants to help me out and suggest anything different, please feel free to tell me otherwise, like I said, I am still newish to this and am learning every day new things.

I love how this dress has turned out and I am so glad I put in the extra time to place all the pattern pieces on the fabric in the same direction as its pile/nap. Now I just need to find a place or event to wear this to as I think the colour might be a little too much for my place of work… Pity!

Thanks for reading, until next time, Happy sewing.

Justine @justaboutcrafting

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A crafter said:

Your Joni dress is beautiful and fits you very well. I love the colour. Go on, wear it to the office and brighten everyone's prepared for the wonderful compliments you will receive x · 14th Oct 2018 04:52pm