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PJ Bottoms

Hi everyone, this is my first blog post for Minerva!

I’m a beginner sewer, I’d like to think that I’m an adventurous beginner. I do like sewing but when it comes to making clothes they often do not fit well and usually they are way too big. I had a bit of a disaster making my first top a little while ago, so this time I thought that I would try making a pair of pyjama bottoms. I was convinced that making a pair of trousers would be easier as there is no neck band to stretch out.

I liked the look of the corduroy, checkered Fabric in a camel colour. I ordered three meters of it. I pre-washed the fabric and it dried really quickly which was a bonus, I made a mistake of drying it over the airer but not realising the raised parts would damage the fabric! Lesson learned! It’s also the first time that I’ve had to consider pattern matching.

I do have a pyjama pattern but I thought that I would use this pattern instead by Wendy Ward from the book 'beginner’s guide to sewing with knitted fabrics' as the pattern looked so easy. I cut out the pattern as per instructions but I must have accidentally cut out the short leg version as they only come three quarters of the way down my leg, which is fine for pj’s.

It was an easy pattern and it only took a few hours to make them, including cutting out the fabric, which is good as normally it can take me several days to finish a project. I added a couple of holes into my elastic on the inside as I thought they will be too big so wanted a channel to insert a cord through, if needed. They were however, a bit on the snug side so it wasn’t needed but I’m currently losing weight so it will be required in the future.

I love this fabric so much and will definitely use it again as it’s so sturdy, plus the lines on the fabric help me when I’m sewing. It doesn’t fray easily and it has a lovely texture to it which makes it feel nice and adds a bit of variety. I chose the camel colour because I already had some tartan fabric in red and camel is a colour that I wouldn’t ordinarily buy but since I started sewing, I’ve been trying new things, both in materials and in techniques and I’m constantly progressing with my sewing and learning a lot along the way. I’m not easily put off but things not going well, which I think helps enormously.

As I had too much fabric, I decided to make myself a bucket bag to keep my knitting wip’s in, I’ve never thought about making one before but it made sense as it keeps my work tidy and prevents anything accidentally happening to the delicate needles. Here is a picture of it with a pair of socks I’ve recently made.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah @ Sarah Evans Author

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Fiona Pullen said:

The pyjamas look great, nice wide leg on them. Love wide leg trousers. · 20th May 2019 09:54am