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Porcelain Tea Cup

I saw this Lady McElroy “Slinky Satin Fabric”, a poly woven on the Minerva website and thought it looked so light and delicate. I was drawn to it because it seemed like the design off of a porcelain tea cup. This fabric did not disappoint and is so gentle in the hand and feels lovely and floaty on. The cream background is that perfect vintage tone and the flowers are sweet and well balanced in scale. The little pansies are too cute!  Because it’s polyester it feels more durable and wearable for everyday life.
I chose to make the Long Sleeve Work Dress from the Nani Iro Studio pattern book. I cut and sewed to spec a size S. To be honest, I don’t think I picked a pattern that shows off the fabric to its maximum potential. Now that I’ve worn the fabric I could see it as an Ogden Cami, Evie Bias Skirt, or the new Calvin wrap dress. I personally love a caftan moment and feel super luxe draped in yards of fabric, but I think I could call this outfit sleepwear and no one would bat an eye.
Part of sewing my style is trying out weird pairings between fabrics and patterns. Most of the time it works out great, but here I think I could have done more justice to the fabric. Don’t get me wrong, the pattern itself is also amazing. I think Naomi Ito is a genius all around. The studio pattern book is bananas great. I should have listened to her and made it out of the recommended wovens like cotton sateen, or a cotton/linen blend.  Something with more body and structure. In terms of pattern modifications, I left off the exterior and side seam pockets because I didn’t think the fabric could handle it—a phone would probably distort the entire dress.  
Sewing with this fabric was great. It was easy to cut under a rotary blade. It didn’t shift too much folded which can be an annoyance with fabrics of this weight. I used a lightweight fusible interfacing on the collar and placket with a super low iron and a touch of steam. Beware a hot iron and poly! I decided to french seam the entire dress because I was unsure about how much bulk serging would add. I’m happy I did this because the entire dress feels like a cloud on. For the gather (some on the front and back) I did  two lines of long length stitches and it was a breeze. It was super easy to distribute the gathers and there was no fabric slipping around. I think for laundering I will machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water and dry flat. Because it’s polyester, I’m going to make sure I get as much as I possibly can from it before considering disposal. It’ll probably turn into sleep shorts or scarves, then into scrunchies or something. 
All in all, I’m glad I made what I made. I can see myself wearing it a lot just because it is comfortable.  I think that having the Lady McElroy prints in a variety of substrates gives sewists more options. 
Thanks for reading,
Bora @disewbedient

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