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Pow! Yellow Summer Jumpsuit

I am one chuffed bean - this yellow Holly jumpsuit is my first properly-successful attempt at trouser fitting, and probably the happiest looking thing I've ever made! I'm so pleased to have this in my wardrobe.

Unusually for me, when I chose this John Kaldor Fabric I didn’t know exactly what I would make. I tend to be a firm ‘pattern first’ type of girl, but the amazing yellow colour of this fabric won me over. Ideally I wanted it to be a dress or jumpsuit so I ordered 2.5 metres to keep my options open based on the feel of the fabric when it arrived.

When it comes to jumpsuits, I’m constantly checking the opacity of fabric to make sure my underwear won’t show through (I’m looking at you, ready-to-wear trousers in trendy pale pastels). It can be really tricky to find something in a suitable weight for the top and bottom depending on the style. But this fabric fit the bill entirely. I did buy some precautionary lining fabric just in case but I’m pleased to say I didn’t need it! This is the smile of a woman who isn’t worried about her pants…

While I wasn’t afraid to go all-out in the yellow as an outfit, it was a conscious choice to find a pattern that placed the fabric at more of a distance from my face - rather than anything high necked. I think this makes it a lot easier to pull off such a bold colour. This did mean that I had to contend with skinny straps and bias bound armholes and back which I’d not sewn before. When the time came to apply these I almost regretted my pattern choice - but it was fine! I’m really pleased with the delicate look and feel a lot more confident to do this again. If you want advice it’s no surprise, stitch slowly, and press, press, press.

I remembered that the lovely Lizzie B had sewn a stunning blue Holly Jumpsuit last year. Knowing we’re at a similar level in our sewing journey (and have some similar fit requirements too) I went back to watch her review and noted her experience with the zip. She recommended interfacing the seams to avoid a lumpy waist-hip silhouette. I’ve had and hated this in ready-to-wear before so I did as I was told. I can’t say how it would have looked if I didn’t do it, but inserting the zip definitely felt smooth and it blends in with my waist and hip perfectly - I would do it again since it only takes a minute to cut a strip and iron it on.

The other alterations I made were to lower the crotch by half an inch on each side, one inch total, for my long torso. I also added side slits in the legs to allow for lots of swishy summer movement! You can probably tell from my face that this meant the wind was not on my side for photos... Luckily my friends always bring a sense of humour to photography!

Thanks for reading everyone

Sadie @somethingsadie

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