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Prada Crepe A Line Skirt by Sally

Hi All! Welcome to my review for Minerva Crafts of the Prada Self Lined Stretch Crepe Suiting Dress Fabric  in Aubergine.

When I received the email with the products that was on offer for this round, I couldn't believe that there was Prada fabric!! So I jumped on the chance to give it a whirl as I haven't really used a crepe before and thought well why not now!

It’s such a fabulous quality fabric, it's self satin lined with a slight one-way stretch across the width of the fabric. I'm so glad I went for the Aubergine colourway as its just such an autumn colour but really glam at the same time!

Because this fabric has a matt and shiny side, you can use either or a combination of both textures to create dramatic effects especially as evening attire. This fabric is PU coated with both anti static and anti click, ensuring the highest quality for special garments. Beautifully soft with a lovely drape, it’s perfect for jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers, waistcoats and more! I came across the freebie a-line skirt from Love Sewing Magazine and it screamed at being a nice winter skirt using this fabric. 

I couldn't stop stroking this stuff when it first arrived as it is just that beautiful! If you have seen my Instagram feed I’ve popped on a short video showing the matt and shiny side.

When it came to cutting the fabric, it was a delight - it didn't move around as much as I thought it would and my pins didn't leave any mark holes either! So I used my rotary cutter, mat and pins with ease!

I prepared my sewing machine with my even feed foot to be on the safe side and the fabric really did behave itself when sewing! I even kept the stitch length/width set as standard.

The a-line skirt is a pretty simple make with it being only 6 pieces, the only thing I had to alter was the skirt length as per usual but I only took 2 inches off for a change. It involves inserting an invisible zip but I do love installing them compared to the normal zip…. Yes I am odd one!

To finish this skirt off I decided to get out my blind hem foot and finish the hem neatly as the waistband was stitched in the ditch and there was no visible stitching anywhere on the outside! If you are lucky enough to have a setting for this on your machine, then please use it as it does save a lot of time compared to hand stitching which I hate with a passion!

So here is the elegant a-line skirt being kindly modeled on Dorris as I have made a size smaller then I am at the moment to keep me motivated in keeping up the running so fingers crossed I’ll get into it soon! 

The saying goes “You get what you pay for!” This is very true as it’s such a Good Quality Fabric that hardly frayed once cut! So go and treat yourselves to a bit of Prada without the huge price tag!

Sally aka The Yorkshire Sewist x

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