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Prada Vintage Shirt Dress by Sophie

Hi, gang! Sophie from Trondheim, Norway, here to make another product review for you. You know you can also see my other makes over at my own personal blog
I’ve been so lucky to have the pleasure to do a product review of this amazing Prada Crepe Fabric. The fabric is a Prada self-lined crepe suiting fabric. I have never worked with a self-lined fabric before this and it’s quite interesting. This particular fabric, as it is self-lined, has two different sides, on one side it has a matte crepe side and the other side is a shiny satin side. I choose to work with the royal blue color (Sorry, I’m totally in a blue zone at the moment, I know...). As you might notice I chose to go with the matte crepe side as the right side of the fabric. That means I have the shiny satin side as the lining.
I believe this fabric can be used in a range of garments because of its unique combination. The firm construction and at the same time drapey quality makes it versatile. I think the fabric is very suitable for making skirts, jacket, blazer and of course dresses. The fabric is really amazing. It doesn’t crinkle easily and the drape is so fantastic.
So, I have my fabric, what should I make? The choice wasn’t that hard, and I decided to make another Vintage Shirt Dress with the Sew Over It Sewing Pattern. It’s the same pattern I used to make my first guest post for Minerva Crafts.
The thought did cross my mind that I’m making the same dress in a very similar color. I have found myself grabbing for this dress very often. It such a good modern pattern with a vintage twist, it is perfect for my job in a bank. It has become an incredible staple in my wardrobe. I haven’t had the opportunity to make another one yet, so I decided it was now time.
For the pattern, I also needed some buttons, because, you know, shirt dress. Lucky for me I had just ordered these incredibly cute Flower Shape Buttons in the size 15mm and color black.
I didn’t do any big changes to the pattern after the first time I made it. I lengthen the bodice by 3 cm and widen the arms a little bit. I also installed a belt loop on either side of the side seams and added pockets as I did my first dress. Still a magical hit.
I really like the Sewing Patterns from Sew Over It, and Minerva Craft does stock every paper pattern they have available. From their amazing range of sewing patterns, I have made the Tulip skirt and the Doris dress. I adore the Doris dress pattern and it’s also been worn a lot. The next on my sewing list from their patterns is the Ultimate wrap dress and the Carrie trousers.
That's it from me for now, thanks for reading and please try this amazing Fabric for yourself.

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