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Preparing for Christmas: cards, a table topper and ornaments

Christmas time always starts with cards for me. Which ones, who to send and how many to make. And despite making a lot of cards, I never manage to send one to everybody I would like. This year I am better prepared thanks to Minerva - I got some of these gorgeous vowen cotton Christmas fabrics and I used every little piece to make cards and ornaments.  All the bigger ones went into my Christmas quilt and throw pillows that I'll show you the next time.

I love cotton fabrics for crafts! I'm no good at scrapbooking, so I make cards my own way - I sew them! For this one only needs some decent paper and scraps of fabric. You can cut out the figures (hearts, Christmas trees, ornaments etc) and just sew them to the paper. No need to finish the edges of fabrics and no need for clue. I'm really happy with those and I hope that whoever receives one from me, gets some Christmas feeling with it too.

For my table topper I used a white waffle fabric (usually meant for towels) and a strip of Christmas fabric squares all sewed together. The patchwork strip on a white fabric with Swedish weaving and cotton lace on the ends of the cloth all together makes a really beautiful table topper and it was easy to make. My patchwork squares were 7x7cm and after sewing these together and pressing each long end inside for 1 cm it leaves a strip 5 cm wide. With green, red and white cotton yarn I made a really simple Swedish weaving pattern - it's like a lace on top of this fabric. And if I get tired of this as a table topper I can always use it as a towel.

The Christmas ball ornaments are made from Styrofoam balls and the same cotton fabrics. I marked  the ball into four or eight sections, cut along the lines (not too deep) and covered each section with tucking the fabric into the cut lines. There are several videos and blog posts about teaching you to make those. Minerva's cotton fabrics worked perfectly - they aren't too heavy and don't ravel when you need to tuck these into the cut lines. I have some more balls and fabric scraps left and I plan to make even more of these and gift them to my close ones.

And finally I show my personal favourites - felt and fabric folded Christmas trees. To make them I cut one circle of felt and one of fabric (the diameter of the circle about 12 cm). I stitch these together around the edge (about 0.5 cm inside) and cut the edge with pinking shears. Then I cut the circle in half and fold each half together to make a tree. So from one circle you get two trees. I used my sewing machine to sew the folded edges together but it can be handsewn too. One can also embellish the tree ornaments with beads and sequins. These ornaments are so cute and also easy to make, not to mention kid and cat friendly!

I hope I inspired you to make some Christmas ornaments and I'll see you soon! Happy Christmas time!

Kadri @kadri_kivistik

For all the items above I used these fabrics in different colors:

Christmas Polycotton Fabric

Woven Cotton Fabric

Woven Cotton Fabric

Snowflake cotton fabric

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