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Reindeers, Reindeers & More Reindeers

I’m a real Christmas girl.  I absolutely love it! As soon as it gets to the end of November, I’m already thinking about decorating the house and getting the tree up ready for all of the festivities. So imagine how thrilled I was when I had the choice of getting some Christmas Fabric from Minerva.  With so many gorgeous cotton prints to choose from, I finally settled on this reindeer print and I feel like the forest green is a great classic Christmas colour.  It’s also available in a couple of other colours too.

I ended up choosing this fabric to make a Christmas dress for Rosie.  We don’t go to many elaborate festive parties but we do end up making our way around friend’s houses and I find that this is the perfect opportunity to dress little Rosie up for the season.  A while ago, I ended up buying some Oliver + S patterns when they had a sale on.  One of the patterns that I bought was the Carousel dress.  I think that this is a great pattern that you can either dress up or wear casually.  It really lends itself well to slow sewing too.

The dress has really cute pockets that are sewn in on the seams on the front of the dress.  The way it is constructed also allows for some cute extra details.  I chose to do the topstitching in red to accompany the colours in the print.  The topstitching isn’t just for added detail, it also keeps the seam allowances stitched down so that the inside finish is also really neat.

There are two views for the dress; one with the gathered ruffle and then the other has a basic added panel on the bottom of the dress.  I chose to make the gathered version in order to do add an extra little feature on the dress.  I think it makes it look adorable! I actually also really liked the dress before the ruffle was added so I think that in the future, I could hack the length of the pattern to make it dress length without the ruffle or panel on the bottom of the dress.  

I love it when patterns have sleeves that aren’t stitched using the traditional sleeve setting method.  These sleeves were sewn to the front and back dress panels respectively and then the dress was stitched together from under the sleeve and down the side seams of the body.  

I mentioned earlier that the dress lends itself well to some slow sewing and that’s exactly how the construction of this one worked.  I was making it during a particularly busy week and could only mange 20 minutes of sewing here and there between other projects.  It could easily be made within a few hours but slowing it down meant that I really took my time with certain finishes.  The keyhole detail on the back makes a lovely closure and the topstitching really adds an extra pop.  

I will definitely be making more of these dresses!  Luckily the pattern comes in 2 size ranges it covers sizes from 6m up to 12 years, so I can see this being a staple in Rosie’s wardrobe for a little while.  It makes such a sweet dress and can be made in a range of fabrics.

Thanks for reading,

Natalie @threadsnbobbins

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