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Remix Stretch Inari Tee Dress

When I first got into sewing clothing, the Inari Tee dress was all the rage. They appeared to be everywhere and everybody was making them in all kinds of wonderful fabrics. Rarely have I sewn a pattern more than once but this one is the exception. I’d say the success of a pattern is having the potential to envision it in multiple versions eg; length/fit/sleeve/fabric choice… This is Inari #3 for me and I think, no I’m sure… it’s my favourite. Each time I’ve adjusted the length and this is the longest yet.

The Fabric: Robert Kaufmann Remix Jersey Fabric

Colour: Black

What amazing fabric! Sometimes you spot a fabric and just know that whatever you sew with it, it’ll rock! This fabric for me was just that and definitely what my wardrobe was craving. Being of medium weight, this 100% cotton jersey was destined for great things. I literally procrastinated over and over as to what I’d make with it as my ideas were endless.

Only a few years left until I hit the big 40 but why should that factor into what I wear or feel comfortable in? Life is too short to wear boring clothes and I’m not about to start changing who I am to fit in with the status quo. The only person you need please is yourself and man do I love this dress and how I feel in it.

The Pattern: Named Clothing Inari Tee Dress

The fabric, in my eyes was begging for a simple silhouette. Nothing with too much faff that would divert from it’s cool, fun geometric pattern. That’s when it clicked! The ‘Inari Tee dress’ by Named clothing. A sporty, casual loose style with its cocoon shape.

The pattern comes in 2 variations with slits at the side and a rolled up sleeve effect. The cocoon shaping with its uneven hemline is the ultimate in comfort chic. The pattern allows you to choose between a neck facing or neckband version and I picked the latter. 

So, how did I make it my own…?: 

If I told you I had this exact look in mind before I even cut the fabric, would you believe me? Well, it’s true! As soon as I saw the black and white pattern I knew whatever I made from it, I’d be wearing it with my chucks! It’s funny how sometimes you find shoes to fit clothes and other times it’s the reverse scenario. 

Having a lack of longer style dresses (as I pretty much live in jeans), I thought this would be the fitting pattern to hack into a below the knee version. At a mere 5 foot 3 inches, normally I shy away from anything too long as it makes me look even shorter. Plus, knowing I’d be wearing it with flats the key here are the side slits. Without them, it simply wouldn’t have worked for me. 

So here’s what I did:

I extended both the front and back pattern pieces by 6 inches, simply by taping the extra length to the existing pattern pieces. Maintaining the slightly curved shaping of the hemline and the side slit position as they would be on the regular length version. Resulting in a longer in length dress with the original slits so that I could hopefully look taller. Or at the very least, not shorter! 


I am thrilled with the look I achieved with the combination of this amazing fabric and the ultimate pattern. The fabric was easy to work with, sewn with a jersey needle/zigzag stitch on my sewing machine. I overlocked my seams but it really wasn’t necessary.

Worn with or without a belt, I know I will get a lot of wear from this make.

Thanks for reading,
Katie @katie_berberich

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