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Reversible Velour Fabric Linden by Emma

Hi everyone,

This reversible Velour Fabric, ladies and gents, is something else! I have never worked with anything like it and I highly recommend you get involved.

I originally asked or 2 metres of this purple and blue velour with the intention of making a full, velvety dress. Then the fabric arrived and I very quickly changed my mind, the fabric is super thick and cosy and whilst I probably could have made a dress, the fabric screamed sweatshirt at me, so all hopes of dresses were cast to one side.

After only just perfecting the fit on the Grainline Studio Linden Sweatshirt Pattern, I decided to make another. In the interest of showing off the two colours in the fabric (both sides) I decided to make a couple of changes. I wanted to be able to see both sides of the fabric without it looking too odd so I cut the Linden as normal but I drafted a pocket for the front so that the blue would show when I put my hands in it. To do this, I folded the fabric in half and drew the shape of this type of pocket. Then when I added the bottom band, I sandwiched the bottom of the pocket within the jumper.

I also added 3 inches to the whole pattern so the sweatshirt would be more slouchy in style and come under my bum.

I also extended the neckband by 5 inches and hemmed it so that it would fold over like a cowl neck and you would be able to see the blue reverse when it did. To make sure it was cowl style I added an inch to the neckband length also as the Linden neckband requires a lot of easing in and I wanted it to pull the raglan style sleeves in but not be so snug so that it wouldn’t drape. I think my hack was successful overall.

As the fabric is velour is produces lots of bits when cut, I recommend overlocking the edges straight away if you can. I overlocked every edge, which was time consuming but I found it made handling it much easier and less messy! Also, as the fabric is so thick, I found it easy to do the cuffs and band in stages, I would usually fold them and pin them all in one (three layers) but I used small seam allowances to do it in stages to make it easier on my machine and make sure that the fabric didn’t slip. This made for neater cuffs and bands I feel.

I would also recommend using a walking foot for your machine, it will be easier for using the fabric as it will help the pressure created by having a thicker fabric under the presser foot. The construction of the Linden is pretty easy overall but ensuring this fabric looked it’s absolute best in this pattern took a bit more thinking then usual. It was well worth it though!

I’m really pleased with my cosy jumper, it is exactly what I wanted to create as soon as I saw the fabric and I think the small hack I did has worked really well to show off the fabric. It's perfect for winter walks, feeding the ducks and I've been pairing it with coat leggings. If you are thinking of a super comfy hoodie, then this is definitely the way to go because the reverse colour would look great peeping on the inside of a hood too.

Thanks for reading,

Emma @ Emma and her Machine

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