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Sequin Cardigan

This time around I used one of my favorite patterns Vogue V1401.
The reason I love this pattern so much is because of the many hacks possible. The two things I did this time around is I created a center seam on the dress top and skirt pieces so that it opens all the way down the front.
I cut double the bottom skirt pieces and used those to drape to the entire waist seam side to side to add volume. I did not add the pockets this time around.
I cut my sleeves in a way that I got a couple of inches that had no sequins on the grainline edges to be the finished edge of the sleeve.I didn't do any special finishes or line this cardigan as it has a good weight to it. I do recommend lining it if you will wear things underneath that have your skin exposed as it may be itchy. I'm using mine mainly to later this fall/winter so I opted to not line mine.
I love this sequin fabric so much! It has so much character and is so festive for this time of year. It stands out on its own and that's why I didn't choose a pattern with too much detail.
Warlene @warlenerene

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