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Sequin Roksi Dress for the Holidays

When I was offered the opportunity to work with one of the gorgeous sequin fabrics carried by Minerva, I jumped at it. I had visions of holiday dresses and skirts dancing in my head immediately, and spent more time than I’d care to admit thinking about what I’d make with this fantastic fabric! I was full of inspiration and ideas… Until my fabric arrived. And then I had nothing. The fabric was beautiful, the way the colors moved in the fabric was just lovely. I fell into a pretty good case of analysis paralysis and scooted my sequins right on over to the side of the room, not to be touched for a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, I continued to think about what I might make. Originally, I’d thought a pencil skirt might be a great option - I could dress it up with a great blouse or dress it down with an oversized chunky sweater. A simple silhouette like a pencil skirt would offer a great canvas to really show off the striping patterns of the sequins. Although my first idea had been for a more classic, knee-length pencil skirt, a mini skirt was also on the table. Again, could be dressed up or dressed down in the same way as a longer pencil skirt, but would be a little more fun and frivolous! However, I couldn’t seem to find a pattern that offered exactly what I had in mind, and although I was feeling adventurous enough to try sewing sequins for the first time, I wasn’t feeling quite up to the challenge of self-drafting a pattern for said sequins! So I kept thinking and looking.

My next thought was an Ogden cami dress hack. The Ogden is such a lovely, simple silhouette, and hacking it into a dress should be straightforward enough! I got about thiiiiiis close to cutting into the fabric, but second guessed myself once again. And then it hit me. The Roksi Trio pattern. 

If I remember correctly, I may have been the very first person to purchase this pattern when it released. If not the first, surely in the first 10! I absolutely loved the design, and the fact that the pieces can be mixed and matched for so many different looks was perfection! Unfortunately, despite how much I LOVED this pattern, it had never made it to the top of my to-sew list. Until today. THIS was EXACTLY what I’d been waiting for!

I went right to work cutting out my sequins! I chose to make only the dress length of the pattern, without any of the coordinating top layers, because I knew that the sequins would be bulky enough on their own without adding additional layers. I knew that I wouldn’t be wearing this as a reversible number (sequins straight on the skin? Yikes!), so instead I followed the pattern instructions to make my wrong side into a lining rather than reversible outer layer. To keep things as light as possible, given that sequins are fairly heavy, I chose to line my dress with a black rayon bemberg fabric.

I was a little nervous about working with sequins, but let me tell you something. It isn’t scary! It probably helped that I chose a pattern without too many chunky areas - no pleats, no darts, no waistband, etc. For this reason, I didn’t remove all of the sequins at my seam lines (scandalous, I know!). Instead, I sewed the fabric as-is, and later removed a few of the sequins that looked odd right there at the seams (specifically around the V-Neck line, where some of the sequins stood up straight towards my face rather than lying flat!). The lining fabric protects my skin from the inner seams becoming an issue, and I rather like the way the seams look flattened out with the sequins in between that layer! I do have some concerns that over time, the sequins rubbing on the lining fabric may be an issue… So I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it and remove the sequins then.

Want to know another thing that is great about sewing with sequins? You don’t necessarily need to hem your sequin layer! This dress is floaty, swingy, and wonderful. I didn’t want to add a lot of weight or bulk by hemming the sequin layer, and originally was thinking of doing some sort of bias tape along the hem. However, it isn’t entirely necessary if you are satisfied with the look of the unfinished hem. Each sequin is sewn into place on the fabric individually, so there is no risk of fraying or sequin-dropping by choosing not to hem! So guess what?... I didn’t.

I’m crazy about this dress, and I’m really looking forward to wearing it for New Year’s Eve! It is going to be so much fun to dance in. In the meantime… I guess I’ll just wear it when I want to be fancy and fun at home! 

Dress: handmade by me

Fabric: Minerva - Sequin Lace Fabric Multicolored

Pattern: Amy Nicole Studio - Roksi Trio (Dress)

XX Elizabeth

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