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Sequin Sweatshirt

Hello Again!

Back with my latest make to share with you!  For this make I received 2 yards of this amazing Embroidered Sequin Lace. Can I just say I’m drawn to any fabrics that sparkle!! This fabric definitely gives me that added flare. 

To start the project I used Simplicity pattern #8529 to create a cozy but lavish sweatshirt.  This was actually a very fun and quick make to create. To start I cut out my pattern in both my sequin material and used a black sweatshirt fleece as the underlining. Once cut, I basted my sequin material to the fleece to hold it together before assembling. 

When attaching the neckband, sleeve cuffs and waistband I kept it in just the fleece to keep the contrast. 

What I love about this make is that it’s something you can definitely dress up or down. Great for just a casual everyday look like I’ve shown in this post but something you can dress it up with a great pair of slacks and heels for your next festive party.  Great idea for a New Year party!

Since I used the fleece used as the underlining it feels cozy and warm to help with those winter night outings on the town, however with the detail of the sequin it gives it a much more vibrant look.

Sewing this material was pretty easy as well. For inside of my garment I finished my raw seams by serging them. You definitely can become really creative with the use of this fabric. This fabric comes in a second color option of gold as well.

The pattern of the sequin also gives it a cool textured look which I really love so it doesn’t look so flat when worn. I definitely will be pairing this with other pieces in my closet!

Until next time, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed :)


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