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Seraya Robe

Hi. It's me again, Making Pretty Patterns.

Whilst browsing Instagram as I do all too often, I saw this wonderful kaftan style robe and it is just what I had dreamed of. From Nina Lee, it's the Seraya Robe.

A cunning cover up kaftan with just a hint of Margo Ledbetter!

This sparked a frantic hunt through the Minerva offerings for something with suitable waft-abilities. This fabric proved a perfect match. It's a semi sheer polyester Chiffon Fabric with a crinkly texture.

The pattern is an utter bargain. Its a PDF only at just £3! I imagined it would be a real quick simple make, but actually there a few techniques that prevent it from being super quick. The seams at the sides are one of the last tasks to do. As these are a few inches from the fabric edge they do need to be marked onto the fabric as you will not be able to use the seam guides close to your machine presser foot. I am very lazy and impatient so really couldn't be doing with tailors tacks as recommended. I couldn't use chalk on this busy fabric either and I don't have a pen (why don't I have a pen!?). So I stupidly marked with pins that had absolutely no chance of staying in during all the other making processes. So half way through I ended up sticking on tiny bits of coloured tape to mark the seam! What a bodge! Quite ridiculous but eventually I did sew the side seams up straight, and where they should be! A typical case of more haste less speed, and I really need to buy a water soluble marker. I don't think I can still bring myself to do tailors tacks.

Using this fabric gave me the chance to try a new technique. A rolled hem on my overlocker. I went on a course when I first got my overlocker machine and haven't tried many techniques since. I did need to do a bit of You Tube research, and successfully finished all the exposed sides and hems. I'm really pleased with the result and if I make another of these robes which is very likely, I would definitely do this again. Looks good, and saved lots of time and pinning etc.

The pattern uses bias binding to encase the waist tie and bind the neck line. I did have ideas to make binding but this fabric does not press and so I quickly gave up on that idea and found plenty in my stash of ready made in suitable colours. I was concerned that it would be rather bulky on the fine georgette, but actually not the case at all.

I strongly recommend this pattern and fabric combo. It's fab after a shower to waft around in the evening if it's been a hot day. I'm not sure how cool this fabric would be in the heat of the day, but as it is loose I think it would be great over a bikini on the beach. The pattern also has a short version. The fabric does not need ironing ever! It will screw up very small in a bag and therefore the perfect holiday robe! As a package this is a very affordable make.

Thanks for reading,

Jackie @makingprettypatterns

Making Pretty Patterns

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