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Set of Pretty Underwear

Hello hello everyone! I’m Carolyn, and I’m so excited to share this, my very first project for the Minerva sewing group! Thank you so much for inviting me to be on the team! Although technically, these photos here are not of me, but of Jane, my stand-in. Jane nobly sacrifices her modesty by modelling my underwear for me here on the interwebs. Thank you Jane, and you are welcome, everyone else.

So yes; for my first project here I made a set of pretty underwear, one bra plus two pairs of matching knickers; using this deliciously vivid, tropical ocean hued Stretch Lace Fabric. I requested 0.5m; which is usually sufficient to make the three pieces. In this case 0.5m was just a teeny bit short, for reasons I shall explain later, but I still got my three pieces, no problem, and I think it worked out just fine!

Lace by itself is naturally sheer, which of course is perfectly fine for lingerie! however I decided I wanted to underline the lace with a clotted-cream polyester I had in my stash. I love how the bright blue-y green aqua looks against this gentle, not-quite yellow!

I aligned all my pattern pieces parallel to the selvedge, because the rose motifs on the aqua stretch lace are aligned “upright” this way. And this is why my 0.5m of lace was just a little bit short; the bra band of my pattern is to be cut in one whole piece! Fortunately this is a quick and easy fix; I cut and joined just a little bit of the lace at the top and bottom to get the little extra bit of width needed. I think this turned out quite fine, and the seams are fairly unobtrusive and tucked around towards the back.

For my bra pattern, I used MakeBra pattern DL03. MakeBra is a Finnish pattern company, that has designed a small number of beautifully drafted, classically styled bra patterns for a size range of 70 (AUS 10) to 95 (AUS 20), and cup sizes A to DD. They also stock some of the essential bits and pieces you need to finish off your bra; such as foam lining, hook and eye closures, elastics, rings and sliders, etc. I used some of the bits and pieces from the basic kit in Ivory, and some from the bottomless pit that is my stash ;)

For the two pairs of matching undies, I used my favourite; the Cloth Habit Watson brief pattern. When I make a set, I really like for the knickers to match the bra and each other and to obviously be part of a cohesive set, but at the same time to also be different from each other. One pair of undies is allover lace, the other has just a short length appliqued to the front. It’s almost impossible to see it without getting up really close and personal, but I used the same green thread for all topstitching and love how this looks where it makes an appearance on the creamy background fabric.

I chose a pretty fairy-floss pink ribbon to make the little decorative bows. When using satin ribbon to make mini-bows like this, I usually hold the cut edge close to a flame briefly, to just very gently and carefully melt the edge fibres just a little; this seals the cut edges so they don’t unravel or fray in the wash. You have to keep a close eye on it though and whisk it away the instant you see the edge disappearing up in the heat!

Et oh lal a! I’m so happy with this pretty lingerie set...! Thank you so much to Minerva for the lace, and for having me on the team; and thank you so much to all for reading!

Carolyn @handmadebycarolyn

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