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Sew a Dress for your Little Princess

Hello everyone! I am Olympia and for my second post here on Minerva Crafts Blog I chose to provide you a step-by-step tutorial on how to sew a dress for your little princesses within one hour!

For my own project, I chose the Fairyville Fabric by Camelot Fabrics in Deep Burgundy, which is 100% cotton, super soft and ideal for kids apparel.

So, let’s sew it step-by –step!

For this dress I used (I made a 18/24months size, so dimensions are for this size, please change them for smaller or bigger sizes) :

  • A piece of main fabric , dimensions 48cm * 80cm

  • Two pieces of main fabric, dimensions 7cm * 36cm (each one)

  • 85cm of elastic (2cm wide) (45 cm for the bust, 2*20cm for suspenders)

  • Matching thread

  • Optionally a safe detachable brooch

Step 1

Sew the dress back seam (48cm sides) , surge or zic-zac the edges and press open.

Step 2

On bust side, fold 1cm and trim it.

Fold again 5cm and stabilize with pins.

Sew 2 cm from the upper edge (these will be the frills on bust).

Step 3

At this point put marks for suspenders (it is important to mark them now because it is very difficult to find the exact point after having inserted the elastic on bust).

I usually put them 8cm left and right from dress center, so be sure to find correctly the center in the front of the dress.

Step 4

Now sew 4.5 cm from the upper edge of the dress to create the tunnel for the elastic and insert the elastic.

At this point your dress will look like this in photo.

Step 5

Prepare the suspenders (sew the 36cm side, turn inside out and insert the elastic to each one). Then attach them at the points you have already marked at step 3.

Step 6

Now hem your dress.

Please note that all seam allowances are 1cm and hem allowance is 2 cm (included on measurements).

Step 7 (Optional)

Create a fabric flower safe detachable brooch (I made this one using a free tutorial I found on pinterest).

Hurray!!! Your dress is totally ready!!! Enjoy it!!!

If you need any further help please feel free to leave me a message here or on my Instagram account @olypateli.

It will, also, make me so happy to see all the dresses you will make using my simple tutorial so please tag me on Instagram when you post them there (@olypateli)

Until next time,

Happy Sewing!


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