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Sew-iversary Celebration!


I have just passed my first “Sew-iversary” this past Christmas (yay!) and once the stray gift wrap and leftover treats had been cleaned up, I decided Year 2 needed a Sewing Plan.

Year 1 was for learning and re-learning the basics- getting along with my new machine, slowing down my shopping hobby, trying everything at least once, testing patterns, unpicking, gifting, keeping, purging, lengthening hems, altering, and more unpicking. This year, I want less garments and more outfits, AND more all-season options. I want a comfortable, cherished, and cheerful wardrobe. (Yes, it definitely sounds more daunting now that its in print.) But wait.

Enter the multicoloured felted Jersey Fabric. When I saw the picture of it on the Minerva Crafts website, I didnt know what it would become, but I knew it would be amazing.

Intersting texture- check. Pyjama level comfort- check. Rich, jewel toned palette for multi-season wardrobe harmony- check.

I wish you all could have “felt” it. (Joke credits to my dad.) Please note: I pre-washed and tumble-dried the fabric just to be safe, though I plan to hang-dry the finished garment.

Next, a pattern! I am notoriously indecisive when it comes to what to make with what. However, this time it was a perfect match at first touch of the fabric.... with McCalls 7061. I originally purchased this pattern with the intention of making it for my sister ( and I will, Jess.) I don't typically wear active-wear or lounge-wear unless I am being active or sleeping, but this fabric is very special. It has a folk-style feeling with the felted colours. Its just right.

I made View A, with a few simple changes.

I chopped my hair off at Christmas, so I have a new love for turtlenecks and funnel necks and mocknecks, and a new aversion to hoods that leave my hair sticking straight up. I used the cowl neck piece from view C,D,(leaving out the drawstring because I like clean and simple lines.) The weight of this jersey is perfect for the amount of structure I wanted!

I added the kangaroo pocket piece. (Adding pockets is assumed, right?) SO COZY.

I doubled the length of the cuffs, I have long limbs and I like my wrists fully covered if I'm wearing a sweater. I love the look of them.

I also used the wider hem band pattern piece from view D, because I have recently started wearing leggings. (Is this how it starts??) I really like the finished length with most of my pants, even though I'm not typically for tunics. This is really breaking the mould for me! The pattern was quick and easy to put together, and I do recommend it.

One last thing I want to mention/ nerd about is the colours. I love palettes and colour trends, so the fact that the felted parts are nearly all from Pantone's colour predictions for 2019 made me very, very, happy. (I'm attempting to create a palette to keep me on track with my fabric choices and resulting wardrobe functionality.) “Princess blue”, “Moss terrarium” and “Jester red” all make the short list and are all present here. It may be an uncharacteristic choice for me, but I have literally worn it every day since. A me-made garment win!

Thanks for reading,


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Ann Scobie said:

looks greats and so warm and cosy, I am off to look-up that fabric · 15th Jan 2019 03:17pm