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Sewing with Slinky Satin

I'm back with a new sew! 

This sew is also new for me in that I've never sewn with Satin before--ever! 

I chose to use this Satin Fabric from Minerva to make the recently retired pattern Stella by Sinclair Patterns. This pattern has been on my to-sew list for a long time but I never had the time or the right fabric to sew one, so when I saw the satin, I thought 'now is my chance!' 

It was definitely a learning curve for me to sew with satin. 

Satin is a more slippery fabric and if you use the wrong needle you can easily cause little runs in your fabric. So, before I started sewing, I researched what needle to use, what settings to set my sewing machine at and for any pointers to sew satin. 

Some things I found out were: 

Use a fine needle. 

Set your stitch length between 2.2 and 2.5. 

Do an extra line of stitching on seams that will get wear.

Be sure to finish your seams well--satin frays pretty quickly.  

Use lots of clips or pins (in your seam allowance) as satin is slippery.

Set your iron to polyester to avoid accidentally melting the fabric.

Use a press cloth when pressing from the top.

And, another interesting thing I found out is that when you cut satin on the bias it definitely shifts more than, say, a quilting cotton. The stay stitching is super important to keep things lined up and shaped well. 

It would also probably be easiest to do a rolled hem if you know how. I still haven't dared to change the settings on my serger so I did a regular hem which works, but with the curves is a little more tricky. 

Satin is a super drapey, flowey, lightweight fabric that is perfect for tops such as the Stella and dresses. It takes an outfit to the next level in fanciness as it is somewhat shiny and quite silky. 

As with most Sinclair patterns the Stella top is a good pattern. 

They retired it recently (after I had it all printed and traced for this top!) as it didn't have all the features of the newer Sinclair patterns.

But, the instructions are clear as always and I'm always impressed with the finishing details on the patterns. 

The back has bias binding and the front has all the seams hidden as well. 

Even the shoulder seams are hidden so it is a very clean finish. 

The back has a seam which creates a more flattering shape and the front is a cross-over front. 

You could use two different fabrics to make a more unique top. 

I do think I would wear a top underneath as in my life as a mom my children often tug on my clothes or the top gets shifted while carrying them. It would then show off my belly and I personally prefer not to have that happen. 

A top like this would be perfect for an office job or a date night--especially in this satin fabric! 

This lovely fabric also comes in an ivory color. 

It is almost fifty-nine inches wide and is made of polyester. 

I'm definitely happy I got a chance to try this fabric out. 

I've had the chance to learn new things and stretch my sewing skills a little. 

Thanks for reading,

Fenna @fabuloushomesewn

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