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She's Making Waves!

Hello fellow sewing loves, I’m back with another awesome collaboration project. This time with a project that tried my very patience but gave me so much joy in the end. Sometimes beautifully simple things will push you outside of your comfort zone, challenging you in one area and making you sharpen your skills in others. To sum it all up that’s what happened with this particular project. The funny thing is when we as bloggers and designers share our labors of love, rarely if ever do those looking in from the outside get a real glimpse inside the issues that may have occurred behind the scenes. Trust me there are times that can try your very patience but as you learn and grow you begin to appreciate those stepping stones!

When Vicki sent the email for this particular month I thought nahhh I’m going to sit this one out because my schedule is so full right now. Of course I figured even if I’m not going to participate it surely won’t hurt to look at all the fabulousness. Boy oh boy was I WRONG! The moment I saw this Lady McElroy Crinkled Chiffon I knew no matter what was going on I had to have this one! I knew I would be compromising my sanity considering what was already on my calendar but I simply could not pass this up! I mean this is one of those rare occasions when you immediately fall in love with a fabric at first glance. The movement of this abstract print reminded me of ocean waves and I was totally mesmerized! So my original calendar plans went out the window and I asked Vicki if this beauty was still available.

Okay so now on to the Full disclosure! I’m not nor have I ever been a fan of sewing chiffons or specific silks! I mean I absolutely love them and will purchase garments made with them on the spot but sewing with them is something all together different. It requires that you slow down, take your time and truly settle in for the slow sew, which is exactly what I did. While this skirt was not my first design, I’m actually glad I decided to switch things up and go with something simple and chic. The pattern I used to accomplish the look was Simplicity Wrap Skirt Pattern S8746 (View C). Yes, can you believe it’s a wrap skirt Yall! I decided to make a layered wrap skirt with a front tie instead of the usual side tie. My reason for changing to a front tie was simple, I wanted the skirt to open and catch the wind when I walk! Yes, I’m a drama queen and I love it when my garments talk as I walk.

I guess I could have used a simple bathing suit cover up pattern but then again it wouldn’t give me the structure that I was looking for. Adjusting the pattern was easy I simply cut out View C and cut away part of the right center front extension. Once the right front was where I wanted it, I added a few inches to the left center front panel to ensure that both front panels met. After completing this step I traced out two additional layers each shorter than the original. I serged each panel to prevent them from fraying and finished with a rolled hem (on center front seams and of course the hem). I pinned all three layers together at the waist and did a baste stitch to hold them all in place. Once all layers were secure I added my waistband which I extended beyond the center front approximately 18-20 inches allowing me to securely tie my skirt with a center bow. Of course none of this is rocket science and it’s really easy to accomplish but trust me when you’re working with Chiffon everything is a process from cutting to sewing. It’s all about precision and nice clean lines which I’m happy to say I was able to accomplish! Well sewing family, another collaboration project done. I hope this look inspires you to maybe step outside of your comfort zone and work with fabrics you tend to shy away from every once in a while.


Shari @mydailythreadzme

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Mary Ewing said:

This is wonderfully I going to purchase the skirt and material when I get paid maryewing · 9th Sep 2019 07:24am

Lindy57 said:

What a beautiful result. Thanks for your honesty about the struggles with this type of fabric, I have not been brave with my choice of fabrics as I am an impatient sewer! ient · 29th Aug 2019 08:59am

Bev Scammell said:

What a fabulous skirt. You obviously put in a lot of time and effort for this one but the result is stunning. Well worth it. · 28th Aug 2019 07:04pm