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Shimmying Into the New Holiday Season

Hi guys! I’m super excited about this blog! If you don’t know me, my name is Macy Knight, and most people know me for my Instagram is Macycamile. Minerva outdid their selves with this Amazing Fabric, once again! I thoroughly enjoyed making this dress, it was super fun, now let’s get into the good stuff!

This Minerva fabric is perfect for any holiday or fun party dress.  It is a flowy-see through mesh fabric that has floral embroidery right above the fringe. The fringe on the fabric is slightly thinner than the regular type of fringe. The color of the textile is an off-white and would be appropriate to add another fabric underneath as a lining so that way it would not be see-through. For some parts of the dress I had to remove flowers and fringe from the strips so that I could fully give the dress detail in some areas.

For the start of the overall garment, I made a basic off white, spaghetti strapped dress. I used the pattern B6627 from Butterick, just for the base, from there I built on top of the dress using the Minerva fabric. To start it is really important that the dress fits exactly how you want it to. I first started by taking some of the lace pieces and cutting them in a straight line. After cutting the pieces I took off the access material and I pinned it along the edge of the dress following the neckline. I layered each row at least two times so that the fringe would not be so transparent. The second added row adds more depth to the fringed areas.

After I pinned the neckline down, I temporarily left it with the raw edges and all. I revisited that part very last. Next I moved on to the second row, and focused on how it would lay & kept building from there. I would constantly cut a row off of the mesh then pin it and move on to the next. The second row, however, was a special row due to its different angle and the fact that I also used extra embroidery flowers around the torso, but I also left that part until the very end.

For the layers that had the lace showing above the fringe I first cut off the lace as close to the fringe that I could without damaging the flowers. Next I would sew that piece down where I had pinned it and then put the lace part on top of it and then sew it down again. It will create the illusion that there is only one thick row of fringe. Lastly, the fourth row and so on, is the original fabric. I simply added it in its original state to the bottom of the dress. It left a sheer flirty appearance. For the very last step, I had to revisit all those place that needed lace put on to the top. I pinned down the cut out lace pieces to the top and the sides and sewed them down. Wallah! I was finished.

The styling for this dress was fairly simple, just due to the fact that the dress was already busy as it is. I paired the dress with white strapped heels and silver floral earrings. The earrings were relatively big in size, however, they weren’t overbearing. I chose to do my makeup a bit fancier, just due to this being a holiday and party dress. I always think a red lip is perfect for the holidays and the colder season. I am in love with this fabric & the dress. I cannot wait to wear it for the holiday season. Thank you Minerva!

Macy @macycamile

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