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Sienna Crepe McCall’s 7577 Jumpsuit by Lisa

Whilst I am quite active on Instagram, some of you will know me as @lisalooby1234, this is the first time I have featured on the Minerva Crafts blog and I was lucky enough to receive 3 metres of this gorgeously soft luxurious Sienna Crepe Fabric. I decided to opt for the Aubergine simply because the intense colour really caught my eye and I could see me teaming it with various coloured accessories.

Admittedly, when it arrived it wasn’t really what I was expecting. I was expecting something much heavier and rough to the touch. This, was none of these things. This could well be down to my lack of knowledge of the exact names of fabrics when I am ordering online, but I would have described this one more like a crepe de chine. It was so so soft and had a nice drape and my first thought was luxury nightwear. However after much dithering over what would be the best garment to make to show it off to its full potential I decided it was much too lovely to end up on my bedroom floor, hidden from the world, and that it needed to be on full display for all to see so opted for the McCall’s 7577 Jumpsuit Pattern. I had previously made this jumpsuit but did the short version last year for my hols but thought the full length would be a classy make for dining out in this country.

I raided my stash for the “perfect” lace to match. I knew I didn’t want a black or a white and had my heart set on something similar in colour and bingo I opted for this gorgeous linen lace in a slightly different shade of aubergine.

I was determined to do this beautiful fabric justice and knew everything had to be just perfect so straight away opted to use my Sharps needles (I’ve come a cropper before with finer fabrics laddering if the needle isn’t fine enough!) I’m so glad I did as the fabric is quite delicate when comes to pins and needles! After doing a few test rows on a scrap it soon became clear that it was going to need handling with care. I lengthened my stitch length to try an achieve a nice flat stitch as when I’d done tests on single layer found that it puckered quite a lot. It didn’t seem quite as bad on double fabric though. I also made sure my walking foot was engaged to keep the seams feeding evenly. I’d definitely recommend a walking foot. I find mine invaluable. In hindsight, perhaps introducing some starch may have helped give it a bit more stability whilst I was working with it.

I opted to finish the seams with my over locker and think this was a good move as the fabric does fray quite a lot! If I didn’t have an over locker I would have definitely done French seams to keep all the frayed edges hidden away.

I was concerned slightly about the back yoke on this make as the linen lace is fairly stiff as opposed to the soft slippery drape of the crepe but this was totally unfounded as it came together perfectly and pressed nicely to give a nice professional clean finish. I did use my clapper on seams as I just seem to be in the habit of using it regularly when pressing now. It’s great for keeping seams crisp and flat.

While I was making this gorgeous jumpsuit I was already dreaming of this fabric in other colours for other projects. It is so versatile. I could see myself floating round the house in a gorgeous dressing gown in this crepe. Maybe a Suki dressing gown and who knows maybe even one of the brighter colours! (I am trying my hardest to steer myself away from black which I seem to be always drawn to).

I was so excited to finish this jumpsuit and try it on (although I don’t see me wearing it anytime soon without a cardigan given how cold it is). The fabric is so soft against my skin and felt really high quality fabric with an excellent drape so would suit many a garment.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading my first review and I do hope I covered everything you might want to know about this lovely fabric.

Lisa @lisalooby1234

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