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Silver Lurex Floreat Dress

Hello everyone,

I’m back on the MinervaCrafts blog today with a review for this silver lurex coated Jersey Fabric. This fabric is quite lush and feels soft. It looks like it’s liquid and made me think it will a real pain to work with.

This fabric is made from a blend of polyester and elastane fibres. The wrong side of the fabric is quite soft.

With the piece that I was sent I wanted to make a dress. I used Floreat Pattern from Megan Nielsen Patterns. I made a combination of view C and D dress with short sleeves). As I made the dress in stretch fabric I chose to eliminate the centre back seam.

I started with using some iron-on bias tape to give some extra strength to the shoulder seam. You can also use some clear elastic or cotton twill tape. This will prevent the seam from stretching out of shape as you wear your garment.

For construction of the seams I used my overlocker, but a small zig-zag, lightening or stretch stitch on the sewing machine will work as well. Because the fabric will not stay folded and move a little more than I like, I basted the neckband piece before I attached it to the neckline.

Making the dress was quite straight forward. Therefore it did not take me long to make it.

After seeing the pictures, I really did not like how the hem was hanging. This is partly because the fabric weighs more than it looks so the hem is dragging it down. On my first take I did not stabilise the hem before sewing it. After seeing the pictures of it I decided that this fabric is not forgiving and that I have to stabilise the hem area before stitching it.

After taking the pictures I have cut the original hem off and used knit stay tape to strengthen the hem area. I also changed things a little and instead of doing a double turned hem I only turned it over once.

The dress is cute, but I think I missed the mark with the fabric. This fabric is suited more for tops or dresses that require less fabric so the weight of it does not pull.

I got a bit heavy handed with the iron and used a higher setting on it than I should have. Also, I did not use a press cloth on it so I melted the lurex coating in some areas.

With my dress I have been wearing a skirt slip underneath. Depending on the light the fabric is see through so a lining/slip might be necessary to protect one’s modesty.

My tips for working with this fabric:

  • avoid stretching it while handling it, the edges will curl towards the back and make it a bit harder to work with later.

  • Consider using fabric stabilisers on shoulder seams and hems before sewing. Iron on bias tape, clear elastic or knit stay-tape.

  • Go slow and do not pull the fabric while sewing to avoid wavy seams or hems.

  • WATCH the temperature on your iron. I was not careful and melted the layer of lurex in some parts. Always use a press cloth.

  • consider the style you are making is simple and does not have too much weight on the hem. This is because the fabric weighs heavy.

  • I do not recommend this fabric for a beginner as it can be a bit demanding while working with it.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. And please do share your makes on Instagram/Twitter by tagging @MinervaCrafts and/or using the hashtag #MinervaMakes. I’d love to see what you create.


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