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Simplicity 1425 Peplum Top

Hello everybody!

I've had the Simplicity 1425 peplum top in my pattern collection for many years6y and I had never found the right fabric to do it justice. Until I saw this black floral Stretch Mesh Fabric!

Combined with some black light Stretch Lining Fabric (also from Minerva - would definitely buy again) it was the perfect match. The lining provided a solid background to showcase the floral pattern, while also taking care of the issue of being see-through.

The pattern comes with a multitude of options that are quite similar. I ended up cutting all of the pieces out and having a play around to see what I liked the most for what I had. I decided on option C, with the back just being the mesh as a nice design feature. I was unsure how this would go as the weight of the peplum would have to be fully supported by the mesh alone and could possibly pull the back out of shape. If I was to have had the collar, I'd probably want something that had a bit more structure to hold the shape better. I felt I wanted something feminine and loved the shape of option C.

My first impressions were that it was incredibly soft and so easy to work with. When cutting out I used both weights and pins to ensure it didn't shift when I used the roller cutter; being more accurate than scissors given the stretch.

Now, I used 4 different colours of bias binding. I was trying to use up my stash! I quite like the inside of my garment looking colourful, even if the joins are a little messy. For the visible binding around the back edges I used a satin bias, it gave a beautiful finish but did start to fray quite quickly.

The main front section went together easy as pie as did the peplum. However I had quite a bit of difficulty putting the back together. Partly because I'm a perfectionist and I think it's quite a focal point of the outfit (so I wanted it to be perfect) and I feel like I may have stretched the mesh when sewing the binding.

It took a fair bit of pinning, baste stitching, trying on and redoing to get the right fit for me. But we got there eventually! I decided to use 4 fastenings on the top rather than the 3 specified. Mainly because the back still bowed a little at the top and I loved the way it looks.

I'm so happy with the results! I think it has a lovely shape and the peplum is very flattering. I can't wait to wear it! I've got some spare material left from this, which I was planning to make a matching co-ord two tier skirt. I still like that idea so when the two are together it could look like a dress but I think I might change that to a pair of floaty shorts instead. Who knows!

Thanks for reading!


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