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Smooth and Shiny Faux Leather Leggings

Have you ever felt like you want to sew something extra fun and bold? To take a chance and see if you can make true the image you have in mind? I rarely sew something that's beyond the everyday comfort style I have but I've been improving my sewing skills and broadening my horizons about the clothing I wear. So when Minerva listed this Faux Leather Knit Fabric I knew I had to take my chance and run with it.

This faux leather jersey fabric is medium weight, made from polyester and elastane. It feels smooth and shiny on the right side. The wrong side is like most of the polyester knit fabrics have. You can wash it with 40 degrees Celsius and even iron it on medium heat. I got some wrinkles on it and they all came out while ironing! This fabric looks like it's difficult to sew but in reality it's just like sewing every other knit fabric. I didn't even use my special leather presser foot.

I had two options for the trousers: Jalie Eleonore Pull-On Jeans or simple leggings from Ottobre Design 5/2015. As the fabric is much more suitable for leggings I chose the Ottobre pattern. This faux leather jersey fabric has about 40-50% stretch. I didn't want the leggings to be like a second skin on me so I gave some extra room. I'm glad I did! Although this fabric meets the right stretch amount it's just a bit stiffer than a cotton jersey would be.

While waiting for the opportunity to sit behind my overlocker and enjoy my sewing I did some research - how to wear (faux) leather leggings. I've only wore leggings to workouts so I had no clue. I discovered that one should wear them with something soft and textured (like a knit cardigan or a jumper) or with some (even denim) button-up shirts. As the faux leather is smooth and shiny you wouldn't want to pair them up with something similar. Wear sneakers to dress them down or you can dress the leggings up by wearing some fancy shoes or boots with them. I discovered that one can wear faux leather leggings in summer (the thinner ones like mine are) or in cooler seasons - spring, autumn and even winter if you put some boots and nice warm sweater on.

I paired my shiny leggings with this beige cosy knit top, my favourite moccasins and with some delicate necklaces for the first photoshoot. The top is made from cotton knit, I used Itch to Stitch free Uvita pattern and I hacked the hem to be longer and have round curves - it looks visually better than a straight one. I also made the neckline deeper. I really like this combination.

For the cooler days I would pair the leggings with my wedge heel boots, a colourful shawl and my favourite jacket (which also has some faux leather stripes on it, but not too much). I think I need some new tunic length tops now as I plan to wear these leggings a lot!

What was the last bold thing you sewed? How did it make you feel? I think I'm going to explore more now and see what else I can make that gives me so much joy.

Kadri @kadri_kivistik

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