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Snowman Tree Decorations by Emma

Time to get festive! This time around Minerva Crafts have kindly sent a Kleiber Tree Decoration Felt Sewing Kit for me to try…ho ho ho let’s give this a go.
As you can see these tree decoration kits come in a really handy little pack, enough supplies to make three decorations and everything is included. The packet itself felt really nice like you had a little gift to open. These Kleiber kits come in 5 different options so plenty to choose from, and the designs are so cute! I went for the rather smart snowmen, the dashing one with the moustache called me in.
Inside the pack you get all the felt pieces you will need, each with pre-cut hole for ease of assembly and sewing. There’s embroidery thread, instructions, stuffing (which didn’t look like much at first, but it was vacuum packed and soon expanded) and even a rather dazzling pink plastic needle.
In true Crafty Clyde style, I largely ignored the instructions – they were well laid out and went through each snowman individually however I fancied batch sewing so gave them a swerve. I would say however the instructions are excellent if you want to brush up on your European languages and technical vocab. The one thing that was great, was a little section on the type of stitches required – I was grateful for these as my hand sewing knowledge is minimal.
The felt is stiff like it has been starched, which made it easy to handle and stick the felt pieces onto the main snowman before stitching into place. The guide holes also make them look really neat and tidy.
Most of the snowmen’s accessories were attached with a simple backstitch. The guide holes and felt accessories lined up perfectly – I even think they look cuter in real life than on the packet. The eyes were supposed to be done with a ‘knot stitch’. The diagram was a little difficult to decipher in that respect so I just knotted the thread at the back, pushed the needle through the eyehole, knotted the thread again and went back through the hole. It worked. Then I realised that was probably a knot stitch anyway…either way…eyes. 
Now for the 3D construction. Just a warning here, there is only enough thread in the packet for exactly what the snowman requires. I started to run out a bit as I had been a bit excessive with my thread ends when sewing the accessories on. You might just want to check you have a good 15-20cm left to go around the edges otherwise you may wish to find some of your own thread.
To start with I could not blanket stitch but quickly got the hang of it. By the third snowman I found it quite addictive and just wanted to keep going and blanket stitch all the things! Some of the accessories, such as this guy’s ear muffs get in the way of the blanket stitch, but you can fold it down and sew behind to hide the stitching.
Once you’ve gone around the snowman, leave a gap at his head so that you can stuff him with wadding.
At this point I did run out of thread, so I grabbed some yellow from my stash to make the hanging loop. Just take a piece of thread and knot the ends to form a loop, then stick the knotted end into the snowman’s head. Continue the blanket stitch all the way around to secure everything into place. I was worried the hanging thread would just pull out however it does get trapped in there very firmly.
They look so cheerful! It was a very quick project to make and thoroughly enjoyable. Whilst you could buy some felt and thread and make your own, these little packs made everything so much easier as the effort of buying everything individually was not needed and you wouldn’t have a ton of leftover scraps. The packets really are very cute and would make an excellent gift. They are beginner friendly and as they contain everything you need – they could even be made on the go! The perfect project for your commute to work, lunch break time out, evening chill in front of the TV, or a brilliant project to do with kids of an afternoon. There’s nothing sharp in there as the needle is blunt plastic and the guide holes would make this fairly child friendly although a little fiddly in places. I would definitely rate this product as worth considering – especially in the run up to Christmas they are the perfect stocking filler or pre-crimbo treat.
Happy Crafty Christmas all xxx
Emma @ Crafty Clyde

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