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Sparkle Red Dress

I was very excited to try out some Sparkly Jersey Fabric and wanted to make a new dress for the festive season. I wanted a long dress with sleeves and something with a feature on the front like gathers or pleats to make it more flattering. I decided on McCall’s Pattern 7429. I loved the twisted front and thought I could lengthen this to create a floor length dress.

It took a while to decide which size to go for on the pattern - there’s no finished garment measurements and there’s no indication of how much ease has been added or not. In the end I matched my measurements to those on the envelope and hoped for the best.

When I opened the bag of sparkly fabric I could already tell that this fabric would shed glitter for a while and these sparkles were going to go everywhere. I didn’t fancy prewashing this and filling my washing machine with glitter so jumped straight in to the cutting stage and hope I never need to machine wash this garment.

This fabric has a beautiful weight and drape to it. Although it’s a light to medium weight jersey fabric it was easy to lay out, pin and cut and didn’t cause any problems with moving about when I was cutting. I used regular pins too, not the ball point ones and didn’t have any problems. I did use my least favourite fabric scissors just in case the glitter caused any problems with the blades. I transferred my markings with tailor’s tacks. I sometimes use a disappearing pen or chalk but didn’t have one to hand.

To construct the dress I machine tacked the seams first using a jersey needle and then overlocked them using a 4 thread stitch.

This process allowed me to put the pieces together, check they were correctly stitched and then overlock to secure them once I knew I’d correctly followed the pattern instructions.

For the hems and the front split openings I tacked by hand first and then used a cover hem machine as this gives a brilliant finish on stretch fabrics and allows for stretch much better than twin stitching on a sewing machine.

I didn’t like the instructions to insert the sleeves and so ignored them and instead of ‘easing’ in the sleeves as you would on a woven or non stretch garment I opted to stitch the sleeves in flat like you would on a man’s shirt, sewing the sleeve head first to the armhole and then stitching the sleeve seam and side seam in one go.

I didn’t like the look of the dress with sleeves and after all the efforts of sewing them in I then took them out. I’d only tacked the seams to it wasn’t too painful to pull the stitching out. At this stage I made an alteration to the neckline, making it a little lower.

I’m not too sure of the length and think I might shorten this back to knee length but for now I have a beautifully sparkly red evening dress.

I could have made a slightly smaller size to give a closer fit but at least there’ll be plenty of room for all the indulgence in the month ahead! I’ll definitely make this dress again. I’ve got my eye on some navy Velvet Jersey Fabric which I think would look stunning in this style.

Thanks for reading,

Julia @ Julia Hincks

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Just Sew Helen said:

Stunning dress - the fabric looks great :-) · 29th Dec 2018 10:15pm

Dilwen Walsh said:

A beautiful festive dress. Lowering the neckline has really worked and the fabric suits the style perfectly. · 8th Dec 2018 12:17pm